2006 Infiniti M45 Megan Exhaust

06 M45s with Megan Racing Axleback & Resonator Delete. Infinitii "Megan Racing" "Trans Am" Camaro, Corvette, "Trailblazer SS", Trail Blazer, Ferrari M45, "Grand Prix GXP," Muffler ,Exhaust, dig ,srt8, srt-8, "EPS Cam" ,Z06, Infiniti ,Megan ,LS1, LS2 ,383

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Infiniti M45 Megan Exhaust Start Up Work Wheels
Full Megan Exhaust, R2C intake

Infiniti M45 Sport Flowmaster Exhaust
Wanted that Muscle car sound! Last two flybys sound best. 1:09 and 1:29

2006 Infiniti M45 Sport Megan Axle Back Warm Start

Infiniti M45 MagnaFlow 14816 Custom Catback Exhaust
Start up and revs. First takeoff vid is light throttle. Second takeoff vid had some wheelspin on heavy throttle with traction control intervening immediately. Third takeoff vid started off with light throttle then heavy throttle.