Bisimoto tuning of turbocharged Toyota Celica race car

This is a video depicting a full throttle sweep of a turbocharged Toyota Celica race car, owned by Toby L, of Elite tint. This chassis houses a factory second generation MR2 T engine, with coil on plug, factory turbo, custom front mount Intercooler from Bisimoto, Racepak IQ3 dash, a 32mm mandated restrictor at the turbo inlet, tuned on an AEM EMS-4 ecu. After a partial throttle tuning session, this experimental setup yielded an astonishing, and restrictor limited, 231.5whp and an amazing 279.4 ft/lbs of torque, at 4920 and 3762 RPMs, respectively. With such an appealling powerband at 14.6psi, and superb drivability, this reliable setup is poised for great racing.

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Pre-turbo Baseline of 2016 Honda HR-V
This is a baseline of a 2016 Honda HR-V prior to the Bisimoto treatment of a bespoke turbo kit. The engine was completely stock, and showed 116.6whp, and 111.7 ft/lbs of torque. More data to come.

Gas Motorsport Celica 6sec drag race car
Gas Motorsport Celica 6sec drag race car

Tuning of 740whp E85 Supra with AEM EMS, huge gains!
This is a full throttle Dyno sweep, after an involved partial throttle tuning session, of an E85 fed Toyota Supra with the notorious sounding HKS T51R turbo. Using an AEM EMS, the Supra came in with tons of misfire, and abnormally advanced ignition timing. Initially making 355whp and 350ft/lbs of torque, the Toyota left with a healthy 743whp and 664ft/lbs of torque...with impeccable drivability.

Sea Foam Your Car - 2000 Toyota Celica Grand Touring
This is my 2000 Toyota Celica GT. My car was already buring oil and smoking. so i decided to seafoam my car and change the oil after 100 miles of driven with the seafoam. Its my first time doing this. When I turn on the car to suck the sea foam with the red tube. I didnt know it was going to suck so fast my car died on me! I barely tapped the tube to my bottle and 1/2 was gone already. Besure Not To Go Fast! Slowly let the breather suck the liquid. That was the only problem! To know when its mostly clean. Keep on reving the car until. you can see white smokes lightly. AFter that you can take it for a test drive to see if anything is wrong with your car! Thanks for watching!=]