Paul Brown Runs Alfa Romeo T33 in 8a Race at 2010 Monterey Historics

Paul Brown took the T33 out for one last shake down in Sunday's 8a race group. The engine still wasn't quite right, but the car ran to the finish.

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3 X Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 on track at zandvoort with great sound.
Circuit of Zandvoort Holland Spettacolo Sportivo 2003 demo 3 X Alfa Romeo T33/2,T33/3 and 155gta on track at the same time with great sounds.

Paul Brown in Alfa Romeo T33 - Historic Race at Laguna Seca 2010
Paul Brown was once again called upon to race the Alfa Romeo T33 at the historic races at Laguna Seca. The great news is that for the first time in three years, the car actually finished the race! The bad news is that there are still powertrain issues. This is raw video taken from the camera facing backwards on the car. Please be sure to check out the video of the forward facing camera.

Chasing a Bugatti Veyron in an Alfa 8C Spider (Tunnels) !
Official Facebook Page : During Top Marques 2013, we were cruising in Monaco with the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider when a Bugatti Veyron Centenaire showed up ! So we though we were gonna chase it ! And so did we, here's the result ! Enjoy !