Paul Brown Runs Alfa Romeo T33 in 8a Race at 2010 Monterey Historics

Paul Brown took the T33 out for one last shake down in Sunday's 8a race group. The engine still wasn't quite right, but the car ran to the finish.

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Paul Brown Runs a Few Laps at Pocono in an Alfa T33/12
Just listen to that Italian 12 cylinder sing! 25 June 2011

Paul Brown starts an Alfa Romeo T33...
This is footage from a great, Italian car meet at Pocono.

Formula 1 Historic Grand Prix at the 2013 Monterey Rolex Reunion
My starting laps at the 2013 afternoon F1 HGP race... I had screwed up the brakes earlier in the weekend and we were struggling with the car's setup and diff.... I had just hopped out of a Formula Jr. car and it was taking me a while to catch up to the car... I was hoping to figure it out the first half of the race, and then push like hell the second half....but unfortunately, we never made it that far....Luckily everybody walked away... You can always build another car!!! You can't build another Dan Marvin!!! xos, danny baker

Paul Brown Runs Alfa Romeo T33 Historic Race at Laguna Seca 2010
Paul Brown pilots the T33 around the famous Laguna Seca circuit in August of 2010. The car finished the race, but still had engine troubles. Paul still put on a great show and the owner was pleased.