Rednecks Mess With Wrong Guy

2 guys in a pickup decide to have some fun with a guy in a fancy car - and find he's got more than just money on him. LOL

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fight in hotel hallway -Must Watch!-
some LA guys VS some canadians fight and argue in a hotel hallway

Thug picks Fight With MMA Fighter.
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girl fights boy beats up big guy karate kicks ass
Matt and Froy try to do a reposession at a martial arts institute.(bad idea?!) The tiny little karate chick kicks Matt's ass, and cleans the floor with his face!

Bouncer (kickbox world champion) vs loudmouth - Vol. 01
A guy wants to get into the club, and is not let in. What he doesn't know is: the bouncer he is annoying is Michael Kuhr - a 5x kickboxing world champion. And the bouncer has got a very important mobile number: the number of loudmouths brother. (English subtitels)