Rednecks Mess With Wrong Guy

2 guys in a pickup decide to have some fun with a guy in a fancy car - and find he's got more than just money on him. LOL

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Bully victim gets payback
A bully at school gets payback at nesodden vgs Story: The guy in the red sweater is not the actual bully victim. He is a friend of him. The guy on the laptop were harassing him over facebook and the victim had enough. Even tho he had to pay up 1,000$ for the laptop he still says it was worth it. So there you go, now you know. Different POV: TAGS: bully nesodden vgs payback thrasing PC laptop school student crazy smash hulk rage guy destroying pissed fight crash victim poor data trøbbel datatrøbbel norge skole owned funny gets norway getting destroyed destroy revenger

Man Catches His Wife Cheating - CAUGHT ON CAMERA
After a long period of suspicious thoughts, a man finds his wife cheating on him. He found out this when he sneaked into the house and found the two in the act. The video starts with an undisclosed censored out naked man leaving the room. Then, the wife is confronted by the husband concerning her cheating habits. She starts begging him not to upload the video. Man Catches His Wife Cheating- Friend convinces friend he was in a 10 year coma- Man tries to become the worlds fattest- ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­--------- ----------- Donate To Charity Water- ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­­­­--------- ----------- Connect With Me Facebook- Instagram- Twitter-

Fat Bully Gets Taken Down

Drunk Idiot fighting a Bouncer - Australia Day 2009
When you get asked to leave, Why do people have a go at the bouncers?? It will never end good, so why bother? But this guy goes in and gets a punch to the head, and a bloody good knee to the ribs. And I have NO idea what the guy with no shirt was going to try and do, apart from end up being knocked out!! Next time your asked to leave, Just leave!!!!