Incredible Monster Truck Backflip Grave Digger Ryan Anderson Son-uva Digger

Ryan Anderson's 1st ever backflip in Son-uva Digger ,Ryan is the son of Grave Digger driver Dennis Anderson. Monster Jam 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. Here is the Facebook profile for Ryan Anderson: Also seen on

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Tom Meents Double Backflip

Monster Jam- Greatest Crashes & Stunts Of 2014 Compilation (NO MUSIC) || Ultraz
Shouts to these guys for the fantastic footage of these trucks and make sure you sub them for making this vid possible! Gravediggerrocks: LBTV Productions: Jshlacoaster06 : MonsterJamShows: Here's the original vids used in the compilation: re's the original vids used in the compilation: Monster Jam Anaheim Northern Nightmare Freestyle: Monster Jam: Dennis Anderson Dooms Day Unveiled: Monster Jam World Finals 15 Northern Nightmare Fire: Monster Jam Syracuse, Carrier Dome 3/8/14 - Crusador awesome reverse doughnut!: Monster Energy sideways donut!!: Max-D Freestyle and Doom's Day Encore World Final: Monster Jam 2014 "El Toro Loco Freestyle", : Monster Jam Arnhem 2014 - Monster Energy: Monster Jam Stockholm, Sweden 2014 Captain America: Monster Jam 2014 Titan Crash Sam Boyd Stadium: Spider-Man CRASH! - Monster Jam Tampa 2014: Monster Jam World Finals 15 Doomsday Backflip Encore: Monster Jam Stockholm, Sweden 2014 Iron Man Freestyle: Grave Digger the Legend FLIPS to WIN 2014 WINNER: Monster Jam Anaheim 2-8-14 El Toro Loco Freestyle: MonsterJam Sydney 2014 Son uva Digger freestyle: Wrecking Crew Monster Jam Freestyle Htown: Monster Jam in Houston Texas 2014 El Toro Loco crazy crash: Avenger vs El Toro Loco Round 1 Monster Jam Atlanta 2014: Doomsday Freestyle Monster Jam Atlanta 2014: Monster Mutt Rottweiler Freestyle Monster Jam Atlanta: Monster Jam in Houston Texas 2014 Metal Mulisha Freestyle: Monster Jam 2014 Metal Mulisha Melbourne: Monster Jam World Finals 15 Lucas Oil Crusader Freestyle crash: Grave Digger The Legend Freestyle Winner New Orleans 2014: Monster Jam 2014 Tacoma Dome monster mutt Dalmation: Max-D Lucas oil stadium 2014: Northern Nightmare Freestyle Monster Jam Detroit3/1/14: Syracuse 2014 monster jam max d: Monster Jam 2014 "Metal Mulisha" Freestyle,: Monster Jam Grave Digger Anaheim 2014 (Freestyle: Scooby Doo Freestyle - Monster Jam - Citrus Bowl: 2014 Orlando Monster Jam - Grave Digger Freestyle: Monster Jam - Grave Digger Crashes Corpus Christi 2014: MonsterJam Sydney 2014 Iron man freestyle: http: Mohawk Warrior - Monster Jam Sydney 2014: Double Gravedigger crash 2014: Monster Energy monsterjam in Australia 2014: Northern Nightmare Engine Blown 2014 Monster Jam: Monster Jam World Finals 15 Grave Digger Dennis Anderson:https://www SHORT STORY: Man I really love going to Monster Jam as a fan I went in the years 2004,2006,2010,2011,2012 and just to be real seeing the trucks get wrecked is awesome plus with the thrilling environment of burning feul,loud noises, and the smoke and fires from the truck engines. DISCLAIMER: I had permission from the video owner to use these videos for this compilation and therefore All videos used in this compilation belong to their original owners and I don't own any of them! Video edited by me Thanks for Watching! Ultraz^-keep it real

Best of Monster Truck Grave Digger / Jumps, Crashes, Accident
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First mud truck back flip ever! Cory Rummell in Going Deep
Cory Rummell really stepped up the game with his massive back flip at Michigan mud jam! Unbelievable! This man is fearless!