Supercharged C5 Z06 - 2nd Gear Acceleration


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650hp c5 z06 acceleration
Added meth kit to my supercharged c5 z06 made 75 more hp/tq 656hp 573tq messin around easin into throttle tryin not to spin tires or kill myself lol... Have to set up a gopro on the dash. This was 2nd gear through little bit of 4th

D1 Supercharged C5 Z06 Speedo
C5 Z06 Speedo 45-120 45-125

Supercharged Z06 on the streets
Sonia's movie debut

ZR1 & Z06 - 150mph acceleration
Some random footage I had of a ZR1 and some Z06 Vettes with views of the speedometer. The ZR1 view shows how fast it can get to 150mph. Check out Follow us on Facebook