2000 Mercury Grand Marquis, Dynomax Racing Bullets.AVI

Dual Dynomax Racing Bullets, overall length is 16 inches (I think) they are dumped in front of the rear axle with 12 inches of 2.25 pipe behind them.

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punisher marauder exhaust
stainless works headers and catback system

1997 Grand Marquis Hooker Aero Chamber
My 1997 Grand Marquis with Aero Chambers, 2" stock pipe, all 4 cats, and 24" tips.

WhipAddict: Kandy Red Mercury Grand Marquis on DUB Hurricayne 32s by Underground Rim King
You don't see many Grand Marquis' done like this! @Enrique.zuniga.184 put this one together over 5 years ago in San Antonio and Dallas Texas! Kandy Red paint job with a few ghost graphics inside the paint, full Alligator interior and headliner, TVs mounted in the dash and headrests front and back! Shaved door handles with lambo doors in front and suicide lambo doors in back! This car has been sitting for a year at Underground Rim King just waiting to come back out! formally on 30s, now on 32" Hurricayne DUB spinning rims! This is the definition of a custom car! Salute to Steve @UndergroundRimKing for mounting up the whip! Now it heads back to Texas to refresh everything. Owner also has a 73' Donk and 90' Caprice LS in the works due to drop soon! Beat by Dos Track: Shade SendMeMedicine@gmail.com

Crown Vic with 2 dynomax bullets
07 p71, Fully stock exaust all 4 cats still in, 2 Dynomax race bullets welded in. Leave comments