Faces of GM - Scott Herman

Before his 16th birthday Scott Herman got a "piece of junk" 1984 Camaro and he worked with his dad to turn it into the "hottest car in the high school parking lot." Ten years later his dream of owning a new Camaro became a reality. This fitness guru is an enthusiastic fan of the athletic sports car from Chevrolet and when he got a chance to attend the North American International Auto Show he was like a kid in a candy store. Check out the video and the article and let Scott pump you up about the Camaro.

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Paul Rodarmer-Faces Of GM
Paul Rodarmer is a manager for General Motors in Dallas, Texas and during his off hours he is the fire chief of Tioga, Texas and the president of the local school board. He talks about how his job and his community service tie together.

5 Reasons to Start Your Fitness Journey | Scott Herman and Puritan's Pride
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Amostra do processo de pintura do Camaro na fábrica da GM em oshawa .