2000 Saturn LS1, Starting Defect

The anti theft system in the 2000 Saturn LS1, thinks you're trying to steal the car sometimes. You have to wait ten minutes before the 'Security' light stops flashing. Once the security light is not flashing you can start the car. Trying to start the car with the security light flashing will either burn out your starter or deplete your battery!

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Saturn Sl1 Start Issue help please!
My car stands me once every two weeks like this, if I wait a halfhour it fires right up, note I pulled the body fuse as the door locks were hammering and draining my battery at random.

Saturn 2002 L200 start run die issue

Bypassing the vats alarm system on a 2002 Saturn L200
OK here goes this is how to By pass the Vats system on a 2002 Saturn L200. This is JUne 17 2017 we have had this car kept in very good condition all work done when needed and receipts. The Security light keeps blinking and not letting the car start. I know this is the Vats system the cars alarm system. The vats or pass lock system sends a OHM signal to the BCM and allows the car to start. If the signal is wrong the car shuts power to the fuel injectors. Well thes ignition cylinders and BCM s go bad and dont get their signas matched right and leave you stranded with the security light blinking on a 2002 Saturn l200. Now you can keep doing the 30 minute relearn. BUT I decided to try something new I decided to Cut the wire for the Vats system and put a HARD solid OHM resistor in its place. AND SO FAR ITS WORKING. Ill have to keep you posted on this I have just done this as of yesterday. SO this will be a continuing video. Thanks for watching, Rob here AKA Trev2323

Security Starter Relay System
Saturn S-series (97-99) Security Starter Relay System Disclaimer: This video is not meant to be a definitive how to.Always consult a professional repair manual before starting your repair.I am not responsible for any problems that you might incur by watching or following this video.