3V Mustang GT Techco Supercharger First Start - Modular Depot

This is the very first Techco 3V 3.0L Supercharger for the Mustang GT. This is the initial startup and some revs.

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07 Mustang GT/CS Techco Supercharger Kooks LTs Headers with H pipe Borla Exhaust
Dyno on an GT/CS With Techco Supercharger @10PSI , GT500 Fuel Pump, Kooks Headers, Borla Stingers 1 piece aluminum Driveshaft, 4.10 Gears. Fastlane Houston 95 degrees F and 100% Humidity. 435.54 RWHP /425ft-lbs Torque. ( 460rwhp and 452ftlbs torque at 55 degrees.)

2006 Mustang GT with Techco Super Charger Dyno Run
2006 Mustang GT with Techco Super Charger Dyno Run - Techco Blower

2005 Mustang GT, Whipple, Stroker 3V, Kooks - First start-up!
First start-up of John's 2005 Mustang GT! 298ci Stroker Torq Stage 2 3V Heads & Cams Whipple/FRPP 2.3L S/C Whipple 10-Rib Belt drive Kooks Custom Headers Magnapack Cat-back Stay tuned for numbers!

TECHCO Saleen Supercharger porting
in SoCal