Civic K20 EG vs. Civic B18 EG

L=K20A2 EG6, Skunk2 Stage3 cams, RBC, DC-sports header, K-pro VS. R=B18C6 EG6, BC spec IV cams, Edelbrock intake, Hy-tech header.

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B20Vtec Pro3 Idle *No Exhaust system*
Welding a new 2.5in Exhaust. Had to move to the car, sounds pretty wicked :D

B20VTEC // TWM ITB´s // PRO 3 cams Start Up!
First start with new ITB´s and Pro3 cams. Looks good so far...

266whp 185wtq KMOD Performance Stg.3 K20 Engine (93oct)
KMOD 3.5 CAI 70mm TB Skunk2 Pro IM K20a2 Cylinder Head KMOD Street Race Valve Job Stage 3 Cams Ferrea Valvetrain 86.5mm 12.5:1 Compression KMOD Oil Pump Kit ASP Header Hondata Kpro RTR Tuned KMOD Performance North Carolina 336-517-7419 93oct Pump Gas

k24 ek hatch vs eg gsr b16 hatch best race ever
eg 4door claims he had same work done to his car as my friend had in the red hatch that i was drivin