Civic K20 EG vs. Civic B18 EG

L=K20A2 EG6, Skunk2 Stage3 cams, RBC, DC-sports header, K-pro VS. R=B18C6 EG6, BC spec IV cams, Edelbrock intake, Hy-tech header.

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Civic K20 EG6 // Incar. Skunk2 Stage3 cams.
My friends K20a2 EG6 swap with Skunk2 stage3 cams, RSX GEAR BOX!!!(long gears), K-pro, RBC intake, DC sports header, Apexi WS2, 70mm throttle body, injen cold air intake. 960Kg/ ~260hp

B18 or K20 Motor Swap? What's better? Q&A #2
Which motor swap is better? My K20Z1 Dyno Vid: Be sure to follow me of twitter: Don't hesitate to ask me any questions regarding JDM cars, video games, life in general! Post your questions in the comment below, message me, or tweet at me.

Edelbrock 4730 Camshaft Dyno Test for the B16/B18c Engines -
Testing the Edelbrock 4730 B16/B18c Camshafts. Testing was done on a Bolt-on equipped B16 engine and tuned with Hondata S300. The Edelbrock 4730 Camshafts picked up a solid 6-8 horsepower and 5-6 ft/lbs of torque consistently. Check us out at and

B20-VTEC, K20 EG Stage3 cams, B18c JRSC Flybys.
Thanks VMT from Honda performance club sweden for the footage. B20-VTEC EJ2. Skunk2 st2 cams, PerformerX intake, Hytech header, Je pistons, eagle rods, 12.2:cr, mild ported head, E85, DC sports catback and more. K20 EG. Skunk2 Stage3 cams, RBC, DC sports header, Apexi WS2+ much more. B18c EG Buddyclub specV cams, JRSupercharged, E85, straight pipe