620 datsun ute with v6

first start and test drive with the ford essex 3.0l v6

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620 exhaust [new]
The new & improved Exhaust on the 620 !

v8 datsun ute first drive
finally after 10 years on and off i drove it out of the shed, is a bit smokey as not yet run in and running rich and washing the cylinders....next step tuning!

1974 620 Datsun with V6
This is a quick walk around of my 1974 620 Datsun. In it is a FORD Essex 3.0L V6 with a Toyota W58 gearbox The engine has been in the car for about 4 years and will soon be coming back out to make room for another Nissan engine. The build will be coming soon and the V6 will be for sale : )

nissan datsun 1500