2005 Ford Focus ZX4 ST - Race City Speedway

This video was taken as part of a cource on high performance driving at Race City Speedway in Calgary. It isn't perfect racing driving, and there are plenty of mistakes I would love to try and fix, but it was my first time doing autocross in my own car. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Just a note, while I do pass a few BMWs and a Subaru Impreza WRX, this is out of standard courtesy on the straights. Since I was out driving these cars in the corners, they were supposed to let me pass on the straights. As you can see in this video, I barely have the power to keep up with most of the cars on the straights. There was 1 lap where I was able to get around clean, and approximated a time of about 2:01 based on timing on this video from when the last set of cones on the front straight disappear.

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