Real Drivers: Subaru Legacy GT (Stage II)

This past Sunday was a fantastic spring day in Vermont, and while many people were in Mount Snow and nearby Wilmington for an endurance race, I was there for a much more relaxing reason - filming Brent Rabideau and his 350-lb-ft., 270-horsepower Subaru Legacy GT. It sounds great, pulls great, and is certainly great fun to ride in. Enjoy the video, and check out more at . Music is "Puddle Hoppin'" by Blue Suede Through, used with permission.

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2005 legacy gt

Episode 03 Owner: Boramy Car: 2006 Subaru Legacy GT Limited Dip Installer(Autoflex): Ben@ Rogue Enterprises, Maryland ProTuned by: IAG Performance Follow Bo's Build Thread on LGT Forums! -hd-short-film-241976.html

400hp Legacy GT Spec B // Gears and Gasoline
Everyone has a dream car; an end-goal for their project. And we often get to drive some of those builds, as their owners work painstakingly to bring them to fruition. But very rarely do we have the chance to see a build which has been... completed. Totally realized in the mind of the owner. Chuck has spent years dialing his Subaru Legacy Spec B in to the specific requirements he had for it when he began building it. And the result is a polished, well-rounded car which feels unique in every regard. Cadence Kid- Hold on Me Liquid Memoirs- Enigma Nomyn- Daydreamer

07 Subaru Legacy GT(stage 2.5)Review walk around
Just a quick video I made.. I really enjoy this car.. 3/4/13 update.. FMS top mount Intercooler,DBA 4000 brake rotors and ceramic pads,Magnaflow Exhaust(remoned stock cans)