2 of The Best Sounding Cars in the World!

(Turn your speakers up!) The Matra 670 with its screaming V12 and the Mazda 787B are, in my opinion, are two of the greastest sounding cars. Here they are blasting up the hill at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2011. Unfortunately the 787B wasnt going full whack though luckily the Matra was.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 - Touring and Rally Cars 1st run
View from the top of the hill just before the finish line. A wide variety of Touring cars past and present as well as a selection of rally cars such as the group B monsters and Ken Blocks Fiesta.

Audi R18 Le Mans
Audi R18 Le Mans @ Goodwood Festival of Speed Start-Line

2013 Phillip Island Classic Matra 670 V12
Two Matra 670 V12s around the Phillip Island Circuit in Australia. Best sounding car ever, turn your volume up and enjoy!! Also have a shorter version; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UTkAmLnsC4&feature=youtube_gdata

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 - F1 cars down the hill
After their run up the hill, the F1 cars rumble back down again. Taken from the top of the hill near the finish.