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The Help
The #1 New York Times bestseller by Kathryn Stockett comes to vivid life through the powerful performances of a phenomenal ensemble cast. Led by Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Bryce Dallas Howard, The Help is an inspirational, courageous and empowering story about very different, extraordinary women in the 1960s South who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project - one that breaks society's rules and puts them all at risk. Filled with poignancy, humor and hope, The Help is a timeless, universal and triumphant story about the ability to create change.

Josh Olson on THUNDER ROAD
Robert Mitchum stars (and sings!) as an Appalachian moonshiner out to bamboozle the Feds. Little noted at the time, this proved to be a hotrod classic over time. Filmed on location in Asheville North Carolina. This trailer is a textless one created for overseas use.

Spider-man: Homecoming Trailer Spider-man vs The Flash FIGHT SCENE | Marvel vs DC 2017
The Spider-man Homecoming trailer / Captain America Civil War version of Spiderman vs The Flash FIGHT SCENE. A Marvel vs DC battle. This is a fight to the end, Injustice 2 Style. Only the best hero will win. Inspired by the spiderman homecoming game, the spider-man homecoming trailer, and the spider-man homecoming movie. I'll be using be mostly spiderman fights, in my marvel vs dc fight scenes. This is mostly a flash vs Spiderman Injustice 2 inspired cinematics fight scene. Subscribe for more videos. The Flash representing the world of DC, and Spider-man representing the world of Marvel. Both worlds have well known superheroes like Black Panther, Ironman, Captain America, The Flash, Wonder woman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, War Machine, The Hulk, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Thor, Archangel, The Vulture, Gigantess, Batman, Beast, Starfire, and, Ant-man. Just to name a few of my favorites. But this video is about The Flash and Spider-man. It took me 4 months to make this video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. There will be more of these types of videos to come. If your favorite hero didn't win, no worries, they'll be more fights to come. Subscribe to be notified. I'm on Instagram The spiderman homecoming trailer of spider man homecoming or spider-man homecoming if you wish. Starring the flash from the justice league. This is a spider-man vs flash and a spider-man vs the flash, or Spiderman vs The Flash, and/or Spiderman vs Flash Injustice 2 style fight. Tom holland from the spider-man homecoming trailer uses more of an Injustice 2 gameplay style fighting technique. The Injustice 2 trailer inspired this, Flash vs Spiderman Injustice 2 style fight scene. Spider-man vs the flash is a dc vs marvel or marvel vs dc battle. The spider-man homecoming trailer and spider-man homecoming 2017, spider-man homecoming movie should star a wildcard crossover hero. Like this spiderman fighting flash fight video. Face it, we like seeing spiderman fight. The amazing spiderman represents for Marvel, in this spiderman vs flash Injustice 2 style fight. Injustice 2 style just means it's inspired by the game. This is cgi btw. A cgi vfx cgi short film. Or a spiderman homecoming movie cgi fight, for the, spiderman homecoming trailer. In a marvel vs dc fight to the death with spiderman fighting for victory. Enjoyyyy :)

Thunder Road (1958) Trailer - B&W / 2:10 mins
Thunder Road is a black and white 1958 drama–crime film about running moonshine in the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee in the late 1950s. It was directed by Arthur Ripley and starred Robert Mitchum, who also produced the film, co-wrote the screenplay, and is rumored to have directed much of the film himself. He also co-wrote (with Don Raye) the theme song, "The Ballad of Thunder Road". Unrepentant Tennessee moonshine runner Luke Doolin (Robert Mitchum) makes dangerous high-speed deliveries for his liquor-producing father, Vernon (Trevor Bardette), but won't let his younger brother Robin (James Mitchum) join the family business. Under pressure from both out-of-town gangster Kogan (Jacques Aubuchon), who wants a piece of the local action, and Treasury agent Barrett (Gene Barry), who wants to destroy the moonshine business, Luke fights for his fast-fading way of life. For further movie mayhem;