Queen of Diamonds Jet Powered Dragster

Queen of Diamonds jet dragster versus The Intimidator. Intimidator flamed out off the line, but the Queen pulled just a hair short of 300mph. Insane!

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Jet Powered Dragsters
Here are a pair of jet engine powered Dragsters at the Super Chevy Show in Maple Grove, PA. Notice the windows in the tower rattling.

Jet powered dragster vs jet powered biplane, the great georgia airshow 2015
Jet powered dragster vs Jack Link's Screaming Sasquatch jet powered biplane. Peachtree city, Falcon field, the great georgia airshow, Oct.31, 2015

THRILLER JET DRAGSTER and Queen of Diamonds
F-16 Thriller Jet Dragster racing Queen of Diamonds at Englishtown's Raceway Park 9-19-2009

fast woman 305 mph
queen of diamonds 305 mph jet dragster.