Dodge Intrepid Intake (outside take-off) 3.5L NEW

my 1997 intrepid intake sound

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Custom Dodge intrepid.(w/ chrysler LHS Interior! ) walk around & interior
walk around of the car. with the chrysler LHS Interior installed i also have the LHS wheels for the rear, however they were not installed in this video.

Dodge Intrepid (badass intake Rev.) 3.5L MOPAR
97 intrepid ES sport. 3.5l ram air intake.

Dodge Intrepid 3.5L (NO Muffler's) PT. 1
Dodge Intrepid (NO Muffler's) PT. 1 i removed the muffler & resonator

08 Charger SRT8 vs 99 Dodge Intrepid Drag Race
5-5-10 - Street Elimination Lebanon Valley - 1st round and I am eliminated by .07