T-Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3 Supercharged ( RBInnovations Supercharger ) - Drag Race

T-Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3 Supercharged - Drag Race - Best of 3 races.

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Twin Engine T-Maxx
Here she is in all her glory. Twin 3.3 tmaxx (4908 version). I completely disassembled the old 2.5 version and rebuilt it as the 4908 model! Was tons of fun building this! HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK IT'S WORTH? PLEASE COMMENT!!

How RC Nitro Superchargers Work
Bob breaks down exactly how the nitro super-chargers work as well answers the most common questions asked about the product. Buy it here: RBInnovations.com/category_s/3.htm Like and Subscribe! RBInnovations.com Facebook.com/RBInnovations Twitter.com/RBInnovations For more information, email us at Sales@RBInnovations.com

Traxxas 3.3 Engine Failure
Sent the motor back to Traxxas already, waiting for it to come back so i can start making some vids =/

Traxxas X-Maxx High Speed Crash on 8s KaaBoom! PB 6s 63.5mph, Ofna speed run flip, TC4 118mph
**2017 LATEST NEWS. UDLUUZ X-Maxx Videos, Breaks 95+MPH!! 95mph Poseidon Speed Run Event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jJA_EGOdH4 95mph X-Maxx Fire https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb6FICClS4M&t=64s X-Maxx Fire take 2! 158mph Mugen Speed Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9xVAtZ9GfA *Jan 2016* Boy what a day! I Installed the castle Xl2 in the X-maxx (came from my XO-1) and decided to put the new XL-X in my XO-1 instead. The XO-1 had problems today so it was out of commission. My TC4 flipped over a manhole with a stripped diff gear. Did all day bashing with the X-Maxx on 6s and 8s prior on Saturday with no problems with temps on ESC and motor. Today I beat my previous personal best of 61+mph with a 63.5mph on 6s. With the XL2 esc everything seemed smoother on the truck. Today I was able to hit the 60's majority of the time while with the old stock esc & mamba monster 2 I was averaging mid to high 50's most of the time. On 8s the trucks a beast off road and onroad. Temps were fairly good as well. In my opinion the truck can hit 70+mph on 8s with proper wheel/tire suspension set up. Anything over 45mph on up with this truck your tires become pizza cutters and you will be fighting to keep it straight even with the TSM on. I had some new wheel & tires that I ordered strictly for speed runs but couldn't wait so I paid the price as the truck lifted on 3 wheels a veered hard right straight into a plumbing fence barrier. The damage look horrific as I thought the truck would be in pieces. To my surprise the damage was minimal I broke the right shock rod, A-arms, hub carriers, and a snapped dog bone. Turning the motor everything moves freely no noise from gears etc. The most expensive damage was my Garmin GPS that went to pieces but I got a spare so no worries for me. This truck for its sheer size can bash hard and fast on the dirt and with minimal suspension tweaks run fast on road as well. That's pretty impressive with the minimal amount of money spent to gain 30-40+mph from stock. Who says this truck is slow, lol Some will cringe at what I'm doing but that's ok. There are 3 lanes when you get on the freeway the slow lane the middle lane and the fast lane. Some will whip out their manuals and stay in their green safe zone and do the speed limit that's the slow lane. Some want to be a little faster in speed so they move up to the yellow middle zone. And some choose to be in the red zone and go faster. That's my lane and I chose the red zone and accept the consequences that come with it. My new goal is to hit 70+mph with the X-maxx. If you drive in the middle and fast lane keep watching. My motto is: If ain't fast it aint fun. See the X-Maxx high speed on 3 wheels! Pause a little after the :40 mark right front tire. See Bay Area Fast RC hit a personal best of 152mph in his Mugen MGT7 worlds fastest (sorry for the language): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzLY9CsJ1QU Shout outs to Bay Area Speed Society Mr Highpower82, Bay Area Fast RC,Enuf4U, 2cwik4U104, and Juwgotbeats for coming out! *NEW FEB 1st 2016 X-Maxx after crash update* with XO-1, RS4, TC4. See Bay Area Fast RC hit 155mph just 2mph shy of the 1/8 World Record! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVpGJxc2eHc **** UPDATE 5-6-16 Udluuz X-Maxx breaks 80+mph barrier**** see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya7kqRs39ss