T-Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3 Supercharged ( RBInnovations Supercharger ) - Drag Race

T-Maxx 3.3 vs Revo 3.3 Supercharged - Drag Race - Best of 3 races.

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Supercharged Revo 3.3 vs TMaxx 3.3 - Fastest Revo in the world - RB innovations
Supercharged Revo 3.3 - rbinnovations Supercharger, k&n filter & suspension work. Fastest Revo in the world.

Twin Engine T-Maxx
Here she is in all her glory. Twin 3.3 tmaxx (4908 version). I completely disassembled the old 2.5 version and rebuilt it as the 4908 model! Was tons of fun building this! HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK IT'S WORTH? PLEASE COMMENT!!

after 12 hours work around 8am. the next day

Traxxas Tmaxx 3.3 with blower (OK SUPERCHARGER)
Setting the idle speed