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A dirtbag that beat an elderly man and stole his new Chevrolet truck is in custody after a high speed chase by Police was brought to an end with the push of a button by OnStar. Immediately after the truck was stolen, the victim gave his OnStar information to police who contacted them and had them remotely bring the trucks speed first down to 5 MPH and then to a complete stop. The suspect, sensing he had no escape, gave up without further incident. He remains in jail!

OnStar's Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
OnStar's new Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is being hailed by police and emergency responders as a major safety tool that can end the danger of high speed chases by sending an electronic signal that disables the accelerator on stolen cars fleeing law enforcers. Detroit Free Press technology Columnist Mike Wendland got a first hand demonstration

GM OnStar High Speed Pursuit Preventive Technology
-- olice-pursuits -- New prototype technology that improves safety on the road during one of the most dangerous situations -- high speed police pursuits involving stolen vehicles.

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
OnStar now has tech that will slow a stolen car to a crawl.