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Why GPS & OnStar Vehicles can be stolen
The main purpose & reason To Steal a Vehicle with a GPS & OnStar system installed on 2007 to 2016 Vehicles is to prevent Theft Unfortunately Car Thieves have found a device Online that can Disable Codes & OnStar & GPS To Deliberately steal Your car Vehicles made by Manufacturing Companies auto Got Stupid More Older make Vehicles have been vandalised & stolen Don't think car thieves have stopped scheming to steal cars Only a Auto Manufacturing Company should have access to codes to a car made by them & the dealership & Owner If You have a car alarm or Theft System that has a remote make sure you lock the car If Remote anti theft system is compromised Have the vehicle looked at by a certified mechanic & Dealership & Your insurance company If You have full coverage You want to make sure You Tell insurance company You have a anti theft & alarm system on Your car In Case its vandalised or stolen take videos & Pictures For documentation Of The Condition of Your vehicle the day you change Coverage from One car to the other Depending on what Kind if car & coverage will depend on How much you'll pay more for Same Coverage If You Notice anything suspicious Then Notify the Police

OnStar's Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
OnStar's new Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is being hailed by police and emergency responders as a major safety tool that can end the danger of high speed chases by sending an electronic signal that disables the accelerator on stolen cars fleeing law enforcers. Detroit Free Press technology Columnist Mike Wendland got a first hand demonstration

OnStar Slows Down Car Thieves
OnStar began offering Stolen Vehicle Slowdown in October 2008 and since then has slowed down nearly 250 stolen vehicles. OnStar has worked closely with law enforcement and public safety officials to develop and modify this service so that best practices can be followed. Authorities have asked OnStar to locate more than 59,000 stolen vehicles, but Stolen Vehicle Slowdown allows OnStar advisors to send a signal that deactivates the accelerator of a stolen vehicle to help stop or avoid a dangerous high-speed chase. Subscribe to OnStar's Channel Connected Journey Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google+

Opel OnStar and my stolen car is back! #thankyouOnStar
In the middle of the night a thief breaks into Mrs. Legay’s home. When she awakes the intruders flee – with valuable loot: Her Opel Mokka is gone. Luckily she remembers her car has OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance. The search begins. Find out more about OnStar at In case you car is stolen, OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance can locate the car and deactivate the ignition helping the police to recover it. Stolen Vehicle Assistance is just one of the numerous innovative features of Opel OnStar. For more information see Opel are not responsible for the provision of the OnStar services, which are provided by OnStar Europe Ltd., a GM Company. OnStar Services require activation and an account with OnStar Europe Ltd. . Charges apply after the applicable trial period. All services subject to mobile network coverage and availability. Opel OnStar - Your personal connectivity and service assistant For more news subscribe to our channel: Follow Opel on: Facebook:, Twitter:, or follow our Instagram channel: