1987 Audi 5000 Quattro 2.3 Typ44 100 Sedan

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Audi 100 Sport
Mein Audi 100 Sport turbo quattro beim wöchentlichen Treffen im Chemnitz Center. Laut KBA mit diesen Schlüsselnummern noch 72 zugelassene Fahrzeuge(Stand 01/2012) Das Fahrzeug ist jetzt in zweiter Hand und besitzt den Orginallack. Bremse an der VA vom Audi TT 312x25mm an der HA 269x20 vom Audi 220V bzw. S6. Viele Motor und Fahrwerksteile Sandgestrahlt und Schwarz Pulverbeschichtet. Servotronik-Lenkgetriebe aus Audi S6 mit Lenkungsdämpfer. Motor Regeneriert, RS2 Metallkopfdichtung, turbolader K24, 2Teiliger Abgaskrümmer mit seltener Getriebestütze!!! Eigenbau Abgasanlage und vieles vieles mehr was nur ein kenner sieht ;-)

Best Audi ever
2.3 10v R5 100KW 1989 year

Audi 100 Making of Werbespot Schanze

Audi 5000 - The original King of Unintended Acceleration - Whatthedileo
This is my 1985 Audi 5000. I still have the window sticker from this car. The video is from ~1995. I'm proud of some of my tweaks. The fake 'el-cheapo' car stereo face-plate that I used to hide my super-incredible JVC head unit. And the hole I cut out behind the back seat to mount my CD Changer (so I didn't have to go out into the trunk when it was raining). Back to the JVC- that thing had a AUX jack that would let you plug your iPod into. But it came out in 1989!!! Also, notice the center console... the 1985 Audi 5000 didn't come with one! Shawn helped me get that piece from a salvage yard, and I made brackets and carpeted the sides. I have always been a huge fan of the Audi 5000. I feel that vehicle, and the Benz 190, gave birth to modern automobile design, what I call the 'molded' look. If you look at the styling of cars American cars from the mid 80's and the late 80's, it is startling. One by one, U.S. cars went from chrome bumpers and choppy steel bodies to suddenly looking like they were formed out of a plastic mold. The Audi 5000 was 'born' in Germany in 1982 as the 100. The Mercedes Benz 190 was introduced in 1984. At Ford, I think the '86 Taurus is the most vivid example of the revolution. At Chrysler, the '87 Le Baron coupe was their first new-age design. At GM, I believe the change started with Bonneville SSE in '87, and then the Grand Prix SE in '88.