1999 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van Start Up, Exhaust, Engine & Full Tour


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2000 Chevy Express Van 15 passenger diesel

2014 Chevrolet Express AWD Limited W
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Chevy Express Last Startup
Starting up the Express van one last time before the engine was removed.... with no Exhaust! I wanted to make sure it went out with a bang. Had multiple leaks, was burning/leaking both coolant and oil. Was time for it to go.

Living in a Van - Modifications to My Class B Van/RV
LED Lights, Decal Removal, New Tires, Tile Floors and Blackout Curtains are among the upgrades or mods that I've Completed in the Van, or RV that I live in. As a follow up to the "Tour of My RV" Video...Here, I am going to show you the modifications and upgrades that I've done to the van that I live in. Thanks for Watching!