honda dream 305 CA77

just testing my 305 after this cold winter lufet lol

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CA95 CA77 62-64 Honda Dream
my 2 bikes

Honda 305 Dream
!967 unrestored Dream with new solo seat. Feels a little better on my rear. The stock seat is kind of narrow and hurts before long.

Honda 1966 ca77 305 Dream
My 1966 Honda 305 Dream. Just pulled it out of storage and first kick it starts right up. It is a brilliant motorcycle. its 100% original never restored only has 5000 miles on it. I still have the original white walls that came with the bike.

$250k Honda Dream for sale on Ebay
A 1967 Honda Dream Motorcycle still new in it's crate recently came up for sale on ebay for a quater million dollars.