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Indianapolis 500: Old Rare Crash Footage From Alternate Angles: 1950's-1970s
Old rare footage shot from alternate angles of some fatal and non fatal crashes at the Indy 500 including Pat O'Connor, Gary Bettenhausen , Bobby Unser, Gordon Johncock, Mel Kenyon, Salt Walther, Swede Savage and more.

Bill Elliott Flips @ Eldora 2007
Surprisingly didn't see this video anywhere here on Youtube so in the spirit of dirt racing tonight I figured I'd share! The Prelude to the Dream was Tony Stewart's late model charity event that happened every year at Eldora there for a little while. While racing to the finish in one of the heats, Bill Elliott and Ryan Newman get together and Elliott goes over. Credit to the great Wildturnip and SPEED and I believe HBO or whoever handled the pay per view that night.

Indy 500 fatal accidents
All the fatal accidents of the Indy 500 in history. Music: Scorpions - Still Loving You. There are also some parts from UMG in it.

IROC V 1978 Al Unser HUGE Daytona Crash
During the final race of IROC V, Al Unser has a near trip into Lake Lloyd! Enjoy!