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Bill Elliott Flips @ Eldora 2007
Surprisingly didn't see this video anywhere here on Youtube so in the spirit of dirt racing tonight I figured I'd share! The Prelude to the Dream was Tony Stewart's late model charity event that happened every year at Eldora there for a little while. While racing to the finish in one of the heats, Bill Elliott and Ryan Newman get together and Elliott goes over. Credit to the great Wildturnip and SPEED and I believe HBO or whoever handled the pay per view that night.

Every Modern Era Indy Lights Flip (2002 - 2017)
The Indy Lights Series became sanctioned by the Indycar Series in 2002, so that is where this list will start. This list was made using TBK's Indy Lights flip list. Credit to MT89 and Wildturnip for two of these captures. Enjoy!

Every Flip In Indycar Series History (1996 - 2017)
When the Indycar Series formed from CART in the mid 90's, what was established would be one of the premier motorsports series in the world. This is a list of every flip since the formation of the Indycar Series in 1996. TBK's official flip list was used to make this video. Enjoy! Ending Music: AKnewGod - Indifferent

Vintage Racing - 1950s Indy Cars startup and race. LOUD!!!
Chris Ashworth records a series of 1950s Indy Cars at Michigan International Speedway. This was a vintage racing event that was associated with the Concours d'elegance of America, where these cars were on display after this event. This event was incredible! I got to wander in the pits and the garage area. You will hear these cars starting up right from the tailpipes, and you will see them driving on the track from the pits. Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - Blog -​m/