1989 Turbo Dodge Caravan racing at Mission Raceway, Aug 5/2011

Fully loaded van with a/c, interior, full Exhaust and auto, 3620 lbs with me in it, GT35R turbo, 2.5L 4 cylinder with a TIII 16 valve DOHC head. Just got it running with a newly ported head, tri flo cams and header. First time out, lots of tuning and playing, couldn't build Boost at the line. Ran a 15.8@90mph, 18 psi, turned off the anti-lag and staging limiter.

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The Junkyard runs 11.99@117 on a 140hp $90 Dodge Caravan motor from the junkyard. First pass.
Add turbo system to a motor that makes 140hp at the crankshaft. E85 fuel. PT6765 turbo. 16 pounds of Boost. stock heads, stock cams, stock headgasket, stock shortblock, stock naturally aspirated ECU. No tune. Rising Rate regulator for fuel and Methanol injection. Car was finished the night before racing and the junkyard water pump locked up on the freeway and had to be changed in the Home Depot Parking lot so we could make it to the race track. Got booted because the junk motor had a camshaft seal oil leak. Instead of fixing the oil leak. I built an oil catch pan (required for 11 second cars at our track in the next race season anyways) so i would not have to repair the oil leak. I was not going to spend money fixing this cheap junk motor. Great Depression Racing

"spectators night" at bubba race way park dodge caravan v.s. Pontiac baretta (no surprise that ...
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Turbo dodge caravan in car video
first pull is going uphill second pull is on level road at 1:20 Van is 2.5 turbo, megasquirt standalone, 10 lbs of Boost, intercooled This is the first summer with megasquirt and this is pretty much the first video of it with all the bugs worked out. interior is ghetto, that will be next to fix

Turbo dodge Caravan in car video
Same pulls as the video "turbo dodge caravan side car vid"