Illegal Street racing

READ-I made this video back in 2008 when I was in 6th grade. I didn't know much about car videos, just put together a bunch of them. If I made it now, I would use a different song. Sorry that everyones pissed. New video coming soon

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Illegal horse racing runs wild
Illegal horse racing runs wild.

Most Dangerous event in the WORLD 2015 - "Isle Of Man" Tourist Trophy 300+ Kmh Street-Race
The World Greatest Motor-Sport Event - Tourist Trophy ( TT ) Dates: 2015 30th May – 12th June 2016 28th May – 10th June SONG NAME: Artificial Nocturne" ...

Bikers Dash Across Mexico City in Illegal Alleycat Races
There are few rules and no set race course in the dangerous bike races invented by bike messengers.

EPIC fixed gear bike race in downtown Auckland City, NZ
Red Bull Eye in the Sky was a fixed gear, track bike race around Auckland City, New Zealand. There were 5 checkpoints around the city and riders had to collect ...