Illegal Street racing

READ-I made this video back in 2008 when I was in 6th grade. I didn't know much about car videos, just put together a bunch of them. If I made it now, I would use a different song. Sorry that everyones pissed. New video coming soon

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Most Dangerous event in the WORLD 2015 - "Isle Of Man" Tourist Trophy 300+ Kmh Street-Race
The World Greatest Motor-Sport Event - Tourist Trophy ( TT ) Dates: 2015 30th May – 12th June 2016 28th May – 10th June SONG NAME: Artificial Nocturne" (remix) by Metric sorry you wait :))))

L.A. Street Racing - 1000hp + Nitrous C10 vs 700hp Mustang
We spent a week in L.A. checking out the street racing scene, here's the craziest, and most unpredictable race that we filmed.... Some serious power in the red pickup! Keep an eye on our channel for more from this trip, L.A. has got some badass cars that play on the street! Thank you to Izzy Performance for hosting us on the trip!

I Was In A Street Race For The First Time!
Just a simple quick update as to what's going on in my life. I apologize for the crappy video and audio. I am in the middle of moving to California and, until I finish moving, I won't be able to post any videos. When I do, I will post another video of Human - which I plan to post next Wednesday. Disclaimer: I was not in any street racing as that is illegal! Crisis Text Line: Text “GO” to 741741 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website: Instagram: @EricJohnCoffma01 Support Me At Patreon: Facebook: or @BEGEricCoffman Twitter: @EricCoffma1 YouTube Channel:

The Amazing Racist: Driving School for Asians
A skit from the new movie 'InAPPropriate Comedy' featuring Ari Shaffir. Check out the full movie here: