Buick 455

Me goofin around in my 71 Buick GS on halloween. Bad Joe Dirt impression. Bein a dork is fun!

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Skylark idling at 700 rpm 290-08H Cam Buick 455
1977 Buick Skylark, MegaSquirt II, 9.5:1 compression,

455 GS Gran Sport Buick Project Car. Any donations apreciated!
This is my first HotRod. This car has lots of potential. I swapped the whole wire harness under the hood and inside the car. This is my first second attempt to start the car after it sat for approx 5 years. Im proud of myself that I swapped the harness and it fired right up. The old wire harness had a short in it somewhere that kept the engine from firing. This engine has a points distributor.

CDS 1987 Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal's EXIT from DOMENIC (HOME). 8-26-2011
This BUICK is BADD!!! I'm REALLY beginning to appreciate it more now. NEXT STOP ... NEW LARGER ELECTRIC FAN(S)!!!

1970 gs 455