Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks - Part 1

This is a 3 minute long video of a 2,000 feet long powered Hot Wheels Track created to help raise money for charity: If you liked the video but you are not in a position to make a donation, please forward a link to this video to someone you think might like it and also be in a position to make a donation. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Hot Wheels ultimate 5 level track
A total of 5 levels , 8 cars at one time , Also check out Hot Wheels Ultimate 5 Level Track 2 & 3 video. To see all my Hot Wheels videos , type ( "hot wheels gman" ) in the youtube search window

TAMIYA 1/32 MINI4WD China Super Car 3-Wheeler NOT Okami #2
He broke his own record, and LOOK at the lap timer, the speed keep increasing.

Fearless at the (Indy) 500 Record Jump
Edited/Short version right here ( Tanner Foust breaks the world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500

200ft of Scalextric Track!
200ft long Scalextric track - 1 hour 40 minutes of construction compressed into 2 minutes, followed by some action shots of two Audi TT cars racing.