Supercharged Dyno

2002 C5 z06 with v3-si A&A kit, ACT Twin Disc Clutch, Lg Street Headers, Borla Stinger Exhaust and no Meth! Dyno'd 618hp 526tq corrected and 500hp uncorrected.

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335i vs c5 z06
Run #2. 45punch? 335i- jb4 map 3, dci, ic, Meth Z06- fbo, tune. 335i has horrible heatsoak

2004 Z06 A&A Vortech V3 Supercharged ARH Corsa Xtreme 540rwhp

Twin Turbo Corvette Z06 vs Supercharged Z06
TT C6Z making 750whp tried his luck against my 800whp C5Z. Enjoy. :)

Vortech V3 t-trim start (2003 Corvette Z06 LS6)
Start of my 2003 Corvette Z06 with an A&A Corvette kit installed. Vortech v3 t-trim with 4'' pulley. A&A Corvette base tune. Stock engine with 26918 Comp cams valve springs.