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Please obey all local speed limits and other laws (especially the one requiring a school bus to pass before beginning your burnout!) We do not condone any unsafe or unlawful driving practices! We specialize in restoring, preserving and racing classic Mopars. www.empire-mopars.com

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Reece Johnston's 2210HP Twin Turbo Big Block Mopar
Reece Johnston's 2210HP Twin turbo Big Block Mopar

Abandoned mopar in the junkyard ( Dodge Dart ).wmv
Abandoned mopar in the junkyard ( Dart ). Very nice old car it specks of pure muscle.

JunkYard Mopars
Some pics of some JunkYard Mopars... It's sad...

Top 10 movie Mopars
Top 10 movie Mopars in my opinion Music Mopar or no car by Slant 6