Plymouth Laser with a few mods

It doesn't take much to make a Laser fast. In fact this Laser raced me while I was driveing a 300C SRT8 and stayed right beside me till 120!

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1992 Plymouth Laser
my new car! =D Pretty good for a first car, let alone the rarity and the price..........just alot of hard work and determination. Can't wait to get started on the engine transplant and body mods!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dsm 1990 oil housing mod
I'm attempting to lower my oil pressure. Due to the oil seal blowing out behind the sprocket gear. 6 bolt block 7 bolt head ARP head studs ARP main stud FP to comp cams manly sprititanium

1992 Plymouth Laser dyno run
1992 Plymouth Laser on the Dynojet Dyno at Mach V Motorsports. Modifications: Unknown Third gear (of five). SAE correction 1.02. Mach V Motorsports 45690 Elmwood Ct. #170 Sterling, VA 20166

Plymouth Laser RS AWD Turbo
Miguels new, but old car! Soon to be at the junk yard. District Auto Body Automotive Ad Builder