99 Mustang GT w/ Flowmasters

My 1999 Mustang GT with custom 2.5" dual Exhaust NO H-PIPE with 2 chamber flowmasters

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1999 Mustang GT Exhaust
Flowmaster 40's

DIY Homemade Turbo 1999 Mustang GT Build - First Startup
This is the very first startup of my 1999 Mustang GT with a completely custom built kit by me. I wanted to try my hand at building a turbo setup from scratch so here it is. Here are the parts and specs that I have. turbo Kit: -70mm On3Performance turbo -turbonetics Evolution Wastegate -eBay Greddy Type S style BOV -JDM big front mount Intercooler (robbed it off my 95 GSX) -2.5" mild steel piping on both y pipes -full 3" piping for the majority of the kit -2.5" Intercooler piping and 3" from fender to TB Other Parts Installed -Tubular k member, arms, and coilovers (all UPR) -42lb Ford Racing Injectors -255lph in tank fuel pump -Kenne Bell Boost a Pump -Blow-thru MAF -K&N Filter -AEM Wideband -Glowshift Boost and fuel pressure gauges -SCT Handheld tuner Bolt-Ons -70mm Throttlebody -BBK Underdrive Pulleys -Flowmaster catback setup -steeda tri-ax short throw -Bunch of look good stuff

Mustang GT
1999 Mustang GT Magnaflow Exhaust Video

1999 Mustang GT Flowmasters Exhaust
not sure which flowmasters it has because i just bought the car 3 days ago and havent really had the chance to see. Also has a MAC cold air intake, looking forward to buying performance parts soon so SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!