Moron and a Noob on a Motorcycle for the FIRST TIME!

Brad riding his first motorcycle larger than 125cc. Check out Exit Vine here: Yes, I say going into the high rpms "isn't good" and now everyone who saw my BMW video is going to call me a hypocrite. But I also say "for the first time" and what I mean is since it's his very first time riding the bike he should be shifting a bit smoother in the lower rpms......that's all. Put me on a Ninja 250 and I'll keep it within 3k of redline the whole time I'm on it :P .

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First Ride - Wheelie - Crashes (topics)
Random motorcycle topics.

Noob Crashing Ninja 650R In Parking Lot
This is part 3 of 3. The first video is me riding with this a Honda CBR. The second video shows me crashing. And the third video will be short and show my crash from multiple camera views.....which I'm sure you'll love. Sigh... Tour Taiwan with me: My Facebook: MY CAMERA: My Helmet and pants: My Private Series: Ninja 650 vs Honda CBR 150R

Brad Buys a Ninja 250
I've talked about him buying the bike before. This video is a couple of months old. But it often takes me a while to get caught up on videos.

How to Ride a Motorcycle for the Very First Time - Steering
Part 2 of my "How to" videos. Part 1 is here: This is an HD remake of this video: Last time I did countersteering 3rd. Doing it 2nd this time....I'll do gears next....DON'T JUDGE ME!!! SOME PEOPLE WANT TO TURN BEFORE THEY SHIFT....OK!?!?!