Chevy 383 stroker build- pictures & video

RONBUSA'S 383 Stroker in a 1990 silverado, I pulled the plug on it @ 194,826 miles ,even then it was still a great truck. It's just a bit faster now!!!!

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6.0 liter swap into 96' Z71 presented by STREET & PERFORMANCE INC
Street & Performance inc is proud to bring you another install video. Taking Danny Deramus's 1996 chevy Z71 pick up pulling out the stock 5.7 liter Vortec and hooking Mean Green up With a 6.0 liter. Find out how Street & Performance makes it look easy... For install info, parts info or tech please call 479-394-5711 visit us at for online catalog and like us on

Evolution of my 1994 silverado. From factory to 11" on 40's
READ: This video blew up way more than I expected. I disabled comments because apparently I built my truck wrong and rendered it useless, which is funny because the people that say that drive hunks of shit and don't even know what backlash is. Im tired of seeing people piss and moan over the truck I have. So ill do everyone a favor. You can find the build thread here, its a tad out of date, I have since done a 14 bolt swap with disk brakes and 4.88's, and a detroit. But I tend to update it atleast once a year. hread 1994 z71 ecsb on 20x14 fuel hostages with 40x15.50r20 toyo MT'S. 6" Rcx , 3" body, 2" crank. DM me for questions. Im not shy. Ill reply. Unless you want to piss and moan about how I built a useless truck, then you can go fuck yourself inside your uncles ford ranger because you work at mcdonalds and dont know shit about investing money into something worth sentimental value

The 327 Muscle Truck Build
Swapping out a sleepy little 4.3 for a 11:1 327 Chevrolet. Engine is .30 over with 041 casting heads. Roller Rockers and a comp 280H Camshaft. Longtubes and a 5 Speed Transmission. Father and Son Project. The truck is also a 5/7 Drop from Factory ride height. NV3500 Transmission with 3.42 stock 10 bolt rear end. Complete Restoration.