Nakai-san First Test RWB Europe 993R Part 5.mp4

First European RWB 993R First Test & incar with Nakia-san

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RWB Vancouver Build @ Aberdeen
日本保時捷寬體魔手- 中井啟 Akira Nakai, 在 Aberdeen 時代坊現場展示神技.

Nakai-san First Test RWB Europe 993R Part 3.mp4
First European RWB 993R First Test By Nakia-san

RWB Los Angeles #1 Build - Porsche 993
Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt Begriff builds the first RWB Porsche 993 in Los Angeles for Vincent Wong of iForged/Forgestar. Presented by iForged. Directed and Edited by Andrew Oh Filmed by Peter Chaney and Andrew Oh A Nickelsvision/Unit 5 Films Production Music by Tony Anderson (Licensed from The Music Bed) and Peter Hong (ST5A) Filmed on the Canon C100/5DIII/GoPro Hero 3+. Stabilization by Freefly Movi M5. Sponsors: Auto Talent BASF Gurnade iForged KW Suspensions LTMW Macht Schnell Pirelli Purist Group RaceMesh™ Grilles Recaro StopTech Takata

RWB BTR3 & RWB 'Darth Vader' 964
2 RWB RUF's, 1 Porsche, 4 camera's, 100km. Cruisin' down the Dutch highway from Woerden to Porsche Scene Live in Best. RAUH-Welt Europe was present at this annual event with a special RWB-stand. Filmed with 2 GoPro's, iPhone 5s, Samsung NX300.