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Romet 250 (Jinlun 250) chopper - customized by Husar Cycles:D Part 2.

And some sound from the mufflers... More at www.husar-cycles.pl


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Romet 250 (Jinlun 250) chopper - customized by Husar Cycles:D Part 1.
A little walk around... At first this chinese bike was a big misunderstanding for me, but the proud owner wanted to chop it a bit. So I did it... Fenders, seat, painting, mufflers, side light holder, chain cover and some details. This was fun:) More at www.husar-cycles.pl

CP_D250A, Sunny 250cc Custom Built Street legal Chopper at ScooterDepot.us for $2,299
Full lights and instrumentation make it a great street legal chopper. The wide 205 rear tire gives the Outlaw a stout look, while its triple disc brakes will stop you on a dime! Now you can afford to cruise in style.Our quality is second to none. Our motor is from Zhongshen, which is one of the largest manufacturers in China and renown for building the some of the best motors in the industry. Aluminum "tri-cut" blade wheels enhance the aggressive stance and pullback chrome handlebars offer comfort and style at the same time. The Outlaw 250 comes mostly assembled. For more information please call our toll free: 888-839-7088 or visit our website at: http://www.scooterdepot.us/ We open 7 days a week! Call now to receive a surprise discount. Please mention Youtube discount code: YTD250A Product Link: http://www.scooterdepot.us/250cc-chopper-custom-built-motorcycles-p-719.htm l

jinlun slashcuts
new pipes on my jinny

Romet R250
Mój stary motocykl.

Romet Division 249 teszt - Onroad.hu

Romet R250
Mój stary motocykl w zimowym klimacie

Prezentacja JinLun SPRZEDAM !
to jest film przestawiający rzeczywisty stan motorku wizualnie jak i stan silnika

Jinlun slashcut
Three year old Jinlun 125-11 with turnout Exhausts

Romet R250V (Jinlun Spartan JL250V)
Zmodyfikowany układ wydechowy w Romecie R250V Modified Exhaust in Romet R250V Usunięte zostały dwa katalizatory. Tłumik przewiercony 12 razy przez wszystkie 4 komory. Wzrosła prędkość maksymalna o 20 km/h oraz wzrosła dynamika motocykla.

Jinlun Texan 125-11 slashcut exhausts and a thermo wrap part 3
home bobbed Jinlun (no garage or profi tools or materials used)

Jinlun 125-11

Romet Division 249 PREMIERA Pingwin Legnica
Zapraszamy na zakupy. Wysyłamy pojazdy na cały kraj. Posiadamy Divisiona 249 jako pojazd demo do jazd testowych. Jesteśmy autoryzowanym dealerem firmy Romet. Kontakt: www.pingwin.com.pl sklep@pingwin.com.pl tel. 76 850 74 00, nasza oferta na allegro: http://Pingwin.na.Allegro.pl

Romet Jinlun 150
Pierwsza przejażdżka po zimie :)))

ZIPP Nitro 250
Kopcenie kapcia....na trawie:)

Outlaw 250cc Silver Chopper Bike
The 250 Chopper finally arrives. The noise you here in the backround are industrial fans failing to keep a metal building in 90+ degree heat cool.

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