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Romet 250 (Jinlun 250) chopper - customized by Husar Cycles:D Part 2.

And some sound from the mufflers... More at www.husar-cycles.pl


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Romet 250 (Jinlun 250) chopper - customized by Husar Cycles:D Part 1.
A little walk around... At first this chinese bike was a big misunderstanding for me, but the proud owner wanted to chop it a bit. So I did it... Fenders, seat, painting, mufflers, side light holder, chain cover and some details. This was fun:) More at www.husar-cycles.pl

The Chinese Motorcycle Club of Denmark, Coast to Coast 2007
Autumn tour across Sweden with the Chinese biker freaks. Fourteen hardy souls from Denmark and three hardcore Swedes took part as we rode from the Kattegat to the Baltic Sea. We saw no moose (Swedish elk) in spite of the many signs warning us that they were willing to step out in front of our motorbikes unannounced. Funnily enough no one took a swim either. I don't know, young people today ...

jinlun slashcuts
new pipes on my jinny

Romet R250 - mała modernizacja
Wymiana wydechów Usunięcie katalizatorów Regulacja gaźników

Romet R250V (Jinlun Spartan JL250V)
Zmodyfikowany układ wydechowy w Romecie R250V Modified Exhaust in Romet R250V Usunięte zostały dwa katalizatory. Tłumik przewiercony 12 razy przez wszystkie 4 komory. Wzrosła prędkość maksymalna o 20 km/h oraz wzrosła dynamika motocykla.

Romet R250
Mój stary motocykl.

Romet R-250 Jinlun 250 3rd gear 3 bieg cz.2
25-55 km/h na 3 biegu.

Outlaw 250cc Silver Chopper Bike
The 250 Chopper finally arrives. The noise you here in the backround are industrial fans failing to keep a metal building in 90+ degree heat cool.

Romet R250
Mój stary motocykl w zimowym klimacie

LIFAN CHOPPER - (Custmd by Oji) Start - Run Sound (pls click high quality)
Lifan (China) 250cc V Twin (2V49 FMM) customized by Oji (Jakarta) with free flow Exhaust system is shown. (Jakarta Biker Enthusiast) Taken with Nokia N82-Carl Zeiss Lens

Jinlun slashcut
Three year old Jinlun 125-11 with turnout Exhausts

Romet Jinlun 150
Pierwsza przejażdżka po zimie :)))

Zipp Raven
Test drogowy i prezentacja motocykla Zipp Raven 250

CB750 Cafe Racer "ElGato" from Start to Finish
Adonis Syrimis building a 1969 CB750 Cafe Racer known as "ElGato" http://www.returnofthecaferacers.com/2013/08/elgato-honda-cb750-cafe-racer. html Website : http://derangedmotorworks.com/home.html

Jinlun 150 turn out pipes
My new jinluns 150 turn out pipes

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