1:5 Formula 1 European Championships : Finals Day, with Martin & Martin

F1 race action here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QBVFwEHs8k&feature=relmfu

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F1 Race Action!! European Championships 1:5 Formula One, The Final

ME Large Scale 1/5 Formula 1 17.7.2010 Qualification
ME Large Scale 1/5 Formula 1 17.7.2010 Qualification

AWESOME FG Formula 1 1/5 Large Scale Gas RC F1
My latest purchase from FGsupply.com. What an awesome machine. Love it. A total work of art.

Jumbo R/C Carrier Launches Model Airplanes
Our 13-foot USS Kitty Hawk replica launches her planes to the beach in this RapidNadion adventure. Some aircraft never make it off the deck, and others crash into the drink due to Kitty Hawk's prototype catapult system, but finally, a plane makes it through. Check out our other Kitty Hawk videos to see how this 13-foot behemoth came together: two "making-of" documentaries, as well as Kitty Hawk's maiden voyage video, can be found on our channel alongside the three-year-old footage of our smaller carrier model, and much more. Visit our website at the links below, and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss the air wing's return - **including carrier landings** - later this year! Music: "Rise of a Hero" by Tenacious Orchestra Available at PremiumBeat: http://www.premiumbeat.com/preview/rise-of-a-hero/59610 SFX: http://www.ameliaslanding.com/aviation_sound_files.htm http://sweetsoundeffects.com http://avanimation.avsupport.com/Sound.htm http://soundbible.com/ and http://www.aviationtrivia.info/SOUND-PAGE-2.php Special thanks to http://pocketnow.com for making this video possible. __ For detailed descriptions and photos of our models, cameras, and more, visit us: http://rapidnadion.com Follow us: http://facebook.com/rapidnadion http://twitter.com/rapidnadion