Rotary Vane Engine (P1)

Some Rotary Project and Demo Material

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motore rotativo a pistoni assiali

Rotary Engine (P2)
Demonstration of Rotary Engine, Showing piston movement and control mechanism. Music: Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (Laura Sullivan)

General Electric's New Engine
The new can-annular combustor technology used by GE has drastically reduced smoke emissions, increased fuel efficiency & power

Libralato Engine
The Libralato engine is potentially the best small engine in the world; an eco-engine for the 21st century. The asymmetrical rotary engine is exceptionally compact, powerful, efficient, low emissions, low production and maintenance costs, low vibration and low noise. The engine is ideally suited for use as an onboard generator for the next generation of Range Extended Electric Vehicles (REEV) currently being developed by major manufacturers around the world, but is also suited for a wide range of mobile generator sets and other small engine applications. For more details see: