Dodge Avenger in car cam 1/8 mile drag race

First day out in new 2011 Jerry Bickel Dodge Avenger

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Super Pro Dodge Avenger Drag Racing CPC 2014
Check out this cool custom Dodge Avenger Drag Racing at the Chrysler Power Classic. The Chrysler Power Classic is an event that was held at National Trail Raceway in 2014. It featured drag racing Mopar cars only. They had many classes, from bone stock street cars to wicked dragsters. Some of the classes were even pitted against one another. For instance the Max Wedge and the Hemi cars ran against each other in opposing lanes. National Trail Raceway is a quarter-mile dragstrip located between Hebron and Kirkersville, Ohio, USA, off of U.S. Route 40. The race track is located about 30 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio. It is known to local residents as 'National Trails'. As always, thanks for watching my motorsports videos. I am Wrench Moran, and my social media profiles can be found in the following places. Facebook My Site Twitter Please like, share, and subscribe. Wrench Moran Motorsports is now RPMArmy. Come check out the new site.

dodge avenger top speed
2013 dodge avenger 3.6 pentastar v6 ,glass pack muffler no resonator. decided to do a top speed run,,also look at my video of my hemi 300c top speed on my page

2012 Dodge Avenger Pentastar V6 Straight pipe
My 2012 Dodge Avenger w/straight pipe Mods: Mopar cold air intake, straight pipe, 2 12'' Treo subs and amp

Greg Carter's 7.38-second debut
Greg Carter's 7.38-second debut. This is Greg Carter's immaculate Chev Cobalt. Powered by a massive cubed 1400hp Steve Schmidt race engine, Carter's new car debuted with an 8.82-second early shut-off run, followed by that amazing 7.38 first full track pass. The car was built by Jerry Bickel in America, and has thrown down the gauntlet at Super Sedan in Australia as the car to follow this season, as it has run as quick as 6.8-seconds in America. Well done to the team on presenting yet another great car to the Western Australian public. For Motorplex event details on where you can see this car and many others race, stay tuned to