Evo 8 fp red dyno 483whp 434wtq

Evo Dyno fp red turbo viii ix vii Evo 8 Boost

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Evo VIII FP Red 11.31@122mph
this is my evo running in Bandimere Speedway the Elevation 5800ft above sea level stock motor with fb red 11.31@122mph 60 ft1.6 my best run was 11.28 so far

FP Red Evo IX Dyno Pull 471/450 28psi
FP Red Evo IX Dyno Pull. Tobz Tuned at 471/450 28psi

Evo 8 FP Red
My evo vs ZL1 Camaro with drag radials, i spun a little into 2nd gear pulled off a 12.11 at 1.8 60ft 118mph

Evo 8 Mustang Dyno FP Red @ 25 psi
Made 370hp/318tq on J-K Tuning's Mustang Dyno Setup: Stock block MAP Beehive springs/retainers FP Red w/84mm anti-surge housing Kelford 272 cams Hallman MBC @ 25psi