1978 ford bronco mudding and throttle response

i was making a video of my 1978 ford bronco throttle response and it had just rain last night so i decided to have a little fun driving through my front ditch!!!

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bad ass ford bronco mud truck
460 motor, Have trans brake but didnt use it. It its allso an 8 gran motor but only reved it to five on this video. Has jw powerglide, scs transfer case, 538 gears with detroits.1 ton frame, hydrolic steasring,to much to list. Oh and did i mention she is set up for a 300 shot of Nitrous. Just foolin anound this time! [look for new video soon]

1979 Ford Bronco mudding
Fun day with our 1979 ford bronco

Double Bronco across the mud. The two tone is a 1979 Ford Bronco Ranger XLT auto with a 460. The silver one is a 1978 Ford Bronco Custom, 4 speed manual, 351M. "Shu" would call me up and say "LETS GO FOR A DIG" no plates or anything. The silver bronco was my first truck, and the vehicle I learned to drive stick on. Randy was working the camera and doing commentary.

Drive ford bronco in the mud (epic sound engine)