V-Leds V3 Triton

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GTR VLEDS V3 Triton Install
I made this video to show what it is like to install the VLEDS V3 Triton LED turn signals on a GTR for the rear. I am still contemplating whether or not it is worth it to install the same for the front turn signals. To get access to the socket you have to take the headlights out. https://instagram.com/config_t/

V3 Triton setup and installation guide
UPDATE!!! V-Leds has contacted me and told me I will need 2 additional CLS system, for the following reasons...Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ram products have 4 different circuits to control the turn signals instead of 2 like most modern vehicles do; requiring you to need 4 CLS modules instead of 2. a general guide to help anyone install a V-leds V3 Triton LED bulb into their cars housings, I am using our 2010 Dodge Journey as a demonstration. Please proceed the process at your own risk, as some cars have more wiring coming our of the back, and removal or bulbs can get difficult, like in the 4th generation Camaro, thats a PITA!

Triton v3 switchback Jeep GC WK
Triton v3 switchback Jeep GC WK vleds.com

VLEDS V3 Triton LED Install and comparison vs SMD LED Towers
This is a comparison of the V3 Triton Amber bulbs and Type 2 Switchback bulbs vs the SMD LED Tower Amber and Type 1 Switchbacks that I bought several years ago at Autolumination. Please note that any timing blips when the turn signals are running are due to video edits. Also I installed Amber LEDs for the rear turn signals because I plan on replacing the red diffuser with a clear one.