V-Leds V3 Triton

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V3 Triton in Dodge Journey-Night Video
UPDATE!!! V-Leds has contacted me and told me I will need 2 additional CLS system, for the following reasons...SOME not all Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Ram products have 4 different circuits to control the turn signals instead of 2 like most modern vehicles do; requiring you to need 4 CLS modules instead of 2. The V3 Triton LEDs by V-Leds are very bright replacement bulbs, however they are having problems as of now. I have read online that others are experiencing the problems I am, which is poor quality wiring, meaning the wires have to be bent and manipulated to get the leds to work, so far I have been able to get them to work and stay on, others have no been so fortunate. also the CLS (current loading system) is not working as advertised as I talk about in this video. Hopefully V-leds will set me straight on how to fix this or send me 2 more CLS modules as the 2 I currently have are not doing what they are advertised to do. 5K V3 Switchbacks, the look like they have a blue tint on this video but are actually a perfect white with no blue in person.

unboxing v3 triton 5k switchback LED & Install Pt1
unboxing and install

V-Leds 600 lumen V3 Triton white LED vs. V-leds 92 LED tower bulb
600 lumen V3 Triton LED vs. 92 LED AMBER tower bulb in turn signal housing. The V3 is a white LED behind an amber lens.

LED Switchbacks: V-Leds vs Autolumination
I am comparing Autolumination's 120LED Switchbacks to V-LED's 48LED Switchbacks. Autolumination bulb is on the driver side and V-LED bulb is on the passenger side. I noticed that the V-LED bulb is closer to factory amber where Autolumination was a darker amber, almost orange. While Autolumination did not specify a color for their white, V-LED specified their white to be 6K. However, the V-LED bulb looked to be closer to 5K and the Autolumination bulb appeared to be closer to 6K. Please excuse the grainy video, I used an old Cannon point & shoot digital camera. Unfortunately it made my car look very dirty towards the end. Next week I will be posting another video comparing an eBay bulb to the V-LED bulb and/or the Autolumination bulb. Stay tuned! Music: Tetris by Electrixx I do not own the music.