GM Stabilitrak vs. No Stabilitrak GMT900 Cadillac Escalade AWD tracks in the snow

Two tracks... the first one being with Stabilitrak disabled, the second with Stabilitrak enabled. Both were in the same parking lot, at speeds of 15-20mph. With Stabilitrak, it's clear to see how the tires follow the same path, as opposed to with Stabilitrak disabled, where the vehicle easily slides back and fourth. This illustration at low speed also applies to highway speeds, the difference being once the vehicle starts to slide at highway speeds, without Stabilitrak it would be very unlikely you'd recover... Sorry for the poor video quality.

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GM Stabilitrak
Stabilitrak: A Proactive Roll Avoidance/Roll-Over Mitigation system for GM vehicles.

General Motors Stabilitrak demonstration
Taken at the Main Street in Motion event in Landover, MD, on 6/24/11.

cadillac escalade winter snow fun
Cadillac escalade AWD power

Stabilitrak, Brake Control Function- Bypass
Brake Control Function can not be turned off by pressing and holding the traction control button to turn of Stabilitrak. It's in your manual. Hence why I am bypassing the system for on demand toggle switch when I am offroad. Do NOT leave the fuse out, disconnected or switched off while hwy driving or inclement weather operation. Because it also turns of ABS! This toggle switch works perfectly! I will upload another video for demonstration soon. Click this link for my Demonstration video! It works like a charm.