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Honda Civic Rebirth
My 1991 Honda Civic hatchback rebuild. The car was in really bad shape and desperately needed TLC, so I went ahead and restored her from scratch with the help of a few buddies who run a shop. The whole process took about 9 months, hence 'The Rebirth' title which seems to go along well like it's a new born baby. The motor is B16A with: CTR pistons, full Omni valvetrain, CAT cams, ITR IM, Mild P&P head, H22A injectors, OBD1 converted, and stock B16A header. The Exhaust is Apexi WS2. The actual numbers at the dynapack are pretty embarrassing (I was just trying to get her to run efficiently for the emissions test, which she passed no problem). I have no idea what this motor is capable of. I'll post more vids once she's fully tuned. Props to Nick at Teknotik for the tuning. Honda-Tech: kim_2_da_chee *Parts alone for this project costed about $5K to 6K. I did the labor with the help´╗┐ of my buddies and bodywork was done by an affiliate. So I spent roughly $10K in total. I plan to keep this car forever so I don't see 10K as much money at all.

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Drag racing with Killacam B18 1990 honda civic ef hatch
Killacam just got a touch up tune with the new setup and decided to hit Orlando Speed World for some drag racing on a test and tune night and have some fun! The car has a B18 gsr block stroke to 1.9 and a ITR head with SKUNK2 tuner 2 cams and valve train. GGM// music: HEARTS OF BRAIN Mbodiment #1"Heart Beat Check (Interlude)" #2"Live shit" #3"Serious (Featuring Supastition & Akrobatik)"

How To Install LS B18B1 in Honda Civic EF Hatch
I guide you on how to install my b18b1 in a 91 Honda EF hatchback, prepping the engine bay for the alternator, and which wires you have to extend. Keep in mind I am keeping the motor OBD0. Its the same process for any 88 - 91 honda civic, crx, sedan, and wagovan with the mpfi conversion already done. Please leave a like a subscribe to watch my build progress and other videos. Follow me on Instagram @efn_lotus_dragon