2nd run vs viper 10 91 @ 126 VRP825 CL65

2nd run Vs Viper SRT at MIR 3/23

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RIDE: Crazy Mercedes CL 63 AMG, 260 Km/H on German Autobahn, LOUD Sound
Thanks to the owner!

RENNTECH CL65 burnout #2 - World's fastest CL65!
World's fastest CL65 modded by RENNTECH burnout

CL65 AMG Eurocharged Tune VS Camaro SS LS3 Stroker+Cams 540+RWHP
CL65 AMG (Eurocharged Tune) VS Camaro SS LS3 (Stroker+Cams 540+RWHP)

CL65 AMG vs CLK63 Black Series
CL65 AMG vs CLK63 Black Series