1974 AMC Javelin NASA AIX Outlaw - Buttonwillow April 21, 2012

Here's Saturday's race. read about all the excitement of the weekend here: http://asifnyc.com road race Javelin build videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0AFE430D73CE5A2E 2012 NASA AIX Outlaw videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE3D6B2EDD31658F7&feature=view_all 1973 AMC Javelin AMX Street car videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNrJUjaJmf3A34ILtLsrgtEbdnhwKvIQI&feature=view_all

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Mark Donohue Javelin SST 1970 Stored in Trailer for over 20 years rescued unloaded forklifted
This is a video capturing the unloading of a 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin SST that was stored in a trailer for over 20 years. I was a little scared filming this as I did not want to be posting a video of the destruction of a 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin SST, personally I would have cut the roof off the trailer and taken the car out with a helicopter, not to worry though as there were 2 guys inside the trailer ready to catch the car if it fell or tipped over ...but alas, as risky as it was, a success!!!! 2 other cars were stored in the trailer as well, a super low mile Gremlin and I think it was a 1979 AMX, but this was the treasure we were digging for!!!!!! On the spoiler you will notice "401", this was originally a 390 and if I remember right it is a Big Bad Orange, Orange or Green, it was not a bad re-paint but the inside of the door jam reveals the original color, a nice find!!! The car is in fantastic condition! This was not accomplished on the first attempt, a few mis-fires happened but it all was okay in the end!

airborne amc javelin amx crazy home videos 1980`s in Toronto 3
car jump airborne crazy home videos 1980`s in Toronto 3 bathurst and finch flying amc javelin Rutherford RD and Keele ST

This year the economy cars that AMC built kept the company afloat. The gas crunch also was a contributor for smaller cars. Sales soared past the $ 2 billion mark which was good for $ 27.5 million in earnings. All AMC model lines production reached past the 431,000 units in sales. However, the demise of the American muscle car was in decline. Higher insurance rates, government intervention in muscle horsepower stifled this unique era. And so it goes with the AMC Javelin. The last year of Javelin offered a hardtop coupe in both a six and V8 and the V8 AMX hardtop coupe. The Javelin 6 had 5,038 copies made with a base price of $ 2,999, the Javelin 8 had 19,520 units sold with a base price of $ 3,093, and the AMX hardtop coupe had only 4,980 copies made with a base price of $ 3,299. This was a sales total of 29, 536 units and the total production since the introduction year of 1969 to 268,139. All AMC products through the years were unusual compared to the Big 3. Some ordinary. Some ugly, Some, like the Javelin, a very unique design and not like any muscle car that the Big 3 could match. The engines available for the Javelin were that Six, with 232 cid. or 100 bhp., or 256 cid with 110 bhp. The V8's offered was a 304 / 150, 360 / 175 - 195, or a 401 cube with 255 horses. Engine selection made the Javelin fit many different consumer levels. There were 14 colors for the Javelin this year with a variety of secondary décor or racing stripe combos. This example appears to be finished in Medium Green with Snow White accents. Features include a mesh grille with oblong amber colored turn signals, chrome rallye wheels, rubber impact bumpers, high profile front fenders and rear quarter panels, large squared taillights, and an attractive two-tone matching interior in white and green vinyl. For it's last year, the '74 Javelin looks pretty darn good. Thanks very much for viewing this 1974 AMC Javelin.

RMVR Trans Am Invitational 2012, Big Bore Race 2, AMC Javelin
Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, Pueblo Motorsports Park, 2012, Big Bore Race 2, 1969 AMC Javelin dicing with Mustang