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Capitol Offense 2012 - Vermont Maple Runners battle with Team Farfrumwinnin

The Vermont Maple Runners Volvo 262C Bertone Coupé battles with Team Farfrumwinnin's VW Fox at the 24 Hours of Lemons Capitol Offense race.


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LeMons Capital Offense DTM Red Baron Last Stint 6-17
My second time racing with the DTM crew and it was a blast. Car is a 1991 318is that's absolutely gutted. Towards the end of my stint I started to feel a bit nauseous due to the Exhaust fumes... I was a bit hungover from the night before. The parties at the track after hours during these LeMons events are off the chain, just need to be mindful of the fact that you're driving the next day haha. Anyway, enjoy :)

Mike Skeen: 2012 Nissan 370Z Watkins Glen
Here are highlights from the Continental Tire 150 from Watkins Glen in the Hawk Performance Doran Racing Nissan 370Z RC driven by BJ Zacharias and Mike Skeen (seen in this video).

Summit Point LeMons 2012 Capital Offense; BMW E30 325is
Driver: Jacob Ehlinger BMW e30 325is 1987 Stock M20

Capitol Offense 2012 - Jason 1
Highlights from the first hour of Jason's stint (5:00 - 6:00) at the 24 Hours of Lemons - Capitol Offense 2012

2012 24Hr LeMons Capitol Offense Nemesis Ridiculii Day 2 Session 1
John takes the track for the 2nd day of the 24hr of LeMons Capitol Offense race on the Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, WV, driving our 91 240sx Wile E. Coyote car. We ran as high as 4th on Sunday, but the green BMW car 84 eventually ran us down and knocked us back to 5th.

Vermont Train Chase: Green Mountain Train 263 - Fall 2013
Through the beginnings of fall foliage, across jointed rail and trestles, past covered bridges and freight depots, and over dirt roads with mechanical bells at every crossing—these are a few things that spell railfanning in the Green Mountains of Vermont. On September 27, 2013: With the weather report signaling nothing but sun, and the possibility that there would be a huge train pulled by many locomotives, I set out to Rutland that Friday morning. However, a sudden change of wind along the Atlantic Coast brought the clouds back west, and apparently two near-70 car trains earlier in the week drained the traffic remaining in Rutland for Bellows Falls, leaving only 9 cars for this days 263, which was pulled by CLP GP38 204 and GP38-2 2663. Oh well, that's railroading for you. Either way, it made the chase easier and allowed for a full train shot at each location. Listed below are the events and their corresponding start times. 0:00 -- GMRC 263 is ready to depart Rutland. Before proceeding across Route 7—Vermont's busiest highway—the crew must manually turn on the warning devices. 3:15 -- Throttling on its climb out of Rutland up into the Green Mountains, GMRC crosses VT Route 103, which also crosses the Appalachian Trail at this precise location. The parking lot to the left just out of view is for trail goers and hikers. 4:25 -- The water in Mill Creek is awfully low this year—as the train crosses Cuttingsville Trestle. 5:45 -- With some fall colors in the background, 263 pops out of the tree tunnel at Mt. Holly. 7:10 -- Running alongside of VT Route 103, this view near the summit of the line is one of the most open you will find. CLP 204 exchanges some toots with a truck that barrels past on the highway. 8:30 -- GMRC 263 is now on its downhill trek to Bellows Falls after cresting the summit between here and Mt. Holly. The train casually crosses one of Vermont's many rural dirt roads while rocking its way along the jointed rails. 10:10 -- 263 glides downhill through the woods near Okemo Ski Resort. Notice that there is one less car in the consist; this was set off at Smithville while I had gone to get lunch. 11:45 -- Fall color and livestock greet the slow moving GMRC 263 as it passes several farmer's lanes south of Gassetts. 13:35 -- After the crew grabs its lunch from the local deli, the train is underway in downtown Chester by the rail depot. 15:00 -- With some fall colors peeking through, GMRC 263 passes the fairly new Bartonsville Covered Bridge that was rebuilt in 2012 after the original 1870's covered bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Irene in August 2011. 16:30 -- On the approach to Bellows Falls, the train crosses a causeway at the confluence of the Williams River and the Connecticut River, which divides Vermont from New Hampshire. The trees have grown a lot since I was here two years ago, almost blocking the shot. The video ends here because the train cannot be seen working the yard which is secluded from view, so the chase will continue with GMRC 264 returning to Rutland.

Trains of Vermont: New England Central, Vermont Rail System, and Amtrak
The trains of Vermont include fast moving freights and passenger trains, to the slow pace locals and 10 MPH jointed rail that rocks the crew out of their seats. Witness Amtrak and New England Central and Vermont Rail System freights, locals, and an Office Car Special, in various locations across the central and western regions of the state. The weather varies, including snow fall and fall foliage, cloudless sun or that typical, fall drear. Whatever the conditions and trains may be, I hope you enjoy this compilation of sightings I have gathered in my spare time (without a vehicle) in Vermont. Someday, when I have the time and mode of transportation, I hope to make a REAL video about the trains of Vermont! 9/21/11 The first 323 almost a month after Hurricane Irene closed the Roxbury Subdivision, eases its way northbound under cruel speed restrictions due heavy waters unsettling most parts of the line. There were about 140 cars of empties bound for return to Canada. NECR GP38 3843 NECR GP38 3845 CSOR D8E-39B 8530 9/24/11 323, led by a long nose leaser, storms through Richmond, Vermont with the fog latent Green Mountains in the background. Color is only starting to appear on the leaves. CEFX SD40-2 3398 CEFX SD40-2 3771 Later that day, we watched the local trains shift cars around in Burlington, and then chased the BDRD (Burlington - Rutland) southbound for a ways before returning to Burlington to catch NECR 553 on the way back to Northfield. It was nice to see a solid red trio without a lease unit. There is quite a contrast to the speedy welded rail at Charlotte than the bouncy 10 MPH joints at Middlebury. VTR GP40-2 303 CLP GP38 204 VTR GP40 301 On our way back to Burlington we caught the local also heading the same way, blasting and rocking through Shelburne with GMRC GP40 304. Later that evening, the 553 Saint Albans, Vermont to Burlington, Vermont freight local splits the signals at Essex Junction, leaving the Roxbury Subdivision lined for the Burlington Subdivision with NECR GP38 3855 as sole power. For whatever reason, the train had to wait a long time before preceding into the yard, where we catch the train rolling along the waterfront as a busy evening of tourists stroll, eat, or attend live bands and other events under the warm Lake Champlain air as the last day of summer comes to a close. 10/09/11 Fall colors near their peak under a cloudless sky gave me incentive to shoot the Vermonter train 57 heading past the campus. I'm glad I decided to get this shot, because the peak colors that formed during the week did not last until next weekend thanks to heavy winds the days before. AMTK P42DC 111 AMTK P42DC 61 10/20/11 Late on a gloomy evening after the empty rock train returned to Burlington, a rare daylight (if you can call it that) appearances of 323 was worth shooting, especially because of the ex-Conrail leader. NECR SD40 5032 CEFX SD40-2 3398 NECR GP38 3844 10/21/11 Running ahead of the VT-107 repair rock-train, Amtrak Vermonter 55 storms past the campus at Milepost 67 with an extra unit in tow. AMTK P42DC 110 AMTK P42DC 173 AMTK P42DC 10 2/07/12 NECR OCS-1, a train composed of NECR, PW, and CN business operation, flies past at passenger speed with a nice consist including PW and CN coaches. This was one of few occasions we encountered snowfall this winter, which has not amounted to much. NECR GP38 3857 PW GP38-2 2008 Thanks for watching! And many thanks to Kevin Burkholder for much of the train information and heads-up's. Also a thanks to my parents, who visited me in the fall, making possible all of the shots away from Northfield.

2012 24Hr LeMons Capitol Offense Nemesis Ridiculii Day 2 Session 2 Rear View
Bradley takes the track for the 2nd day of the 24hr of LeMons Capitol Offense race on the Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, WV, driving our 91 240sx Wile E. Coyote car. We ran as high as 4th on Sunday, but the green BMW car 84 eventually ran us down and knocked us back to 5th.

24 Hours of Lemons - 2012 Summit Point - Rusty Cougar (Day 1)
The Anti EPA (aka - Tiger's Wood PGA Racing) 85ish Cougar working traffic and running hard with the #911 Gorilla E30 and #469 DTM E30.

Landing at burlington vt

2012 24hr LeMons Capitol Offense Nemesis Ridiculli Day 2 Session 2
Bradley takes the track for the 2nd day of the 24hr of LeMons Capitol Offense race on the Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, WV, driving our 91 240sx Wile E. Coyote car. We ran as high as 4th on Sunday, but the green BMW car 84 eventually ran us down and knocked us back to 5th.

Volvo 262 C - the Bertone chimney
I changed the coolant fluid from tap water to something more anti-freezing stuff and I warmed up the engine a bit, but I didn't want to bother the neighbour with the smoke... :-)

2011 24hr LeMons Capitol Offense Nemesis Ridiculii
Team Nemesis Ridiculii having fun at the 2011 24hr of LeMons Capitol Offense race on the Shenandoah Circuit, Summit Point, WV. I believe Brad is driving this session. Unfortunately we spent an hour in the paddock chasing a fuel problem and finished the race 40th of about 100 cars.

Chumpcar Spokane 2010 The Flying Lumberjacks
A few laps around Spokane County race track in our wood covered 1988 VW Fox. From Chumpcar's Children of the Sun 24. We finished 11th out of 33, with a top speed of 106mph.

LeMon Race Summit Point
Nick gets hit off of the track at around 10 minutes in. This was footage taken out of the DeCuzzi teams race car.

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