Capitol Offense 2012 - Vermont Maple Runners battle with Team Farfrumwinnin

The Vermont Maple Runners Volvo 262C Bertone Coupé battles with Team Farfrumwinnin's VW Fox at the 24 Hours of Lemons Capitol Offense race.

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Inside the Insane 24 Hours or LeMons Race
A single part from the worst Le Mans car is probably worth more than the entire lot of vehicles (and we use that term loosely) that took part in 24 Hours Of LeMons at Sonoma Raceway last weekend. Sure, the names sound similar, but that's about the only thing Le Mans racing and LeMons racing have in common. The rules are simple: Spend no more than $500 on a junk car, make that lemon run, assemble a skeleton crew of drivers -- that hopefully know how to fix things -- and race the car into the ground. "It's kind of like a carnival for car enthusiasts," LeMons racer Frank Oviedo said. It's called a race, but it's so much more. It's a sub-culture of grease monkeys led by people with a wicked sense of humor. Winning is irrelevant, heck it may be an inconvenience. The race organizers pay out the winner in nickels, and if pocket change isn't on hand, as one driver explained, they'll take something ridiculous like a toilet seat cover and put legitimate bank routing numbers on it. It's a check that your butt can cash. Brilliant. Most of the creativity can be attributed to the LeMons judges. They do what they call a "B.S. inspection" on the cars to make sure they aren't worth more than $500. They only grant impunity if the car's theme is fantastically ridiculous. "The theory in racing is, there are cheaters and then there are losers." said driver Manos Phoundoulakis, while wearing rubber devil horns. "People always stretch that $500 budget a little bit, and sometimes the theme helps you around that." Once on the track, the judges police the race. If you accidentally spin off the track, be prepared to paint a map of the entire race course on the hood of your car. On Sunday, drivers could be seen doing laps around pit row strapped to the roof of their cars, and two drivers that swapped paint on the track had their legs tied together until they could find a can of Pringles. When they hobbled back to the garage with a 12 pack of beer, rather than chips, they were mocked endlessly. "To kind of get the point across, we like to humiliate our racers," LeMons judge Jonny Lieberman said. "We punish them in some way that will make them not spin out of control, not drive off the racetrack, not hit other cars, etcetera." The race itself is crazy. It's riddled with caution flags as cars breakdown, leak oil, and spin out. The themes of the cars are even more looney. One car had a rotisserie full of rubber chickens spinning on the roof. There was a car made to look like a Top Gun fighter jet -- complete with Goose shooting out of the roof. There was even a car that looked like an R.V. zooming around the track. The "winners" of the two-day race drove a beat-up Porsche. They were mocked as they celebrated in the winner's circle. Before receiving their trophy, it was announced on a megaphone their team only won because each driver peed themselves rather than taking pit stops. The simple fact that it's unclear whether or not that was a joke, is what makes the race great. That's LeMons racing for you.

Mike Skeen: 2012 Nissan 370Z Watkins Glen
Here are highlights from the Continental Tire 150 from Watkins Glen in the Hawk Performance Doran Racing Nissan 370Z RC driven by BJ Zacharias and Mike Skeen (seen in this video).

volvo 262c bertone 1978 barn find
barn find volvo 262c bertone 1978

24 Hour of LeMons March 21st and 22nd 2015
Some video I wanted to share that I clipped together of another amazing 24 Hours of LeMon's event weekend. Don't miss the T-Bone at ~6:12 Enjoy!