Winter 2012 1g Eagle Talon TSi AWD playing in the snow.

Eagle Talon TSi AWD playing in the snow on bald street tires

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636 HP 1990 Eagle Talon
This is my talon before i owned it back in September, the car was making 636 horse on a fully built engine with an HTA86 turbo. It now has a straight 35r on it with different internals and DSM link instead of AEM, its making between 450 and 500 on a street tune. Ill put up a video of it as it sits right now but its parked for winter time. :/

I-Streetrace - Bum Squad Eagle Talon TSI VS Tubaso Racing Turbo Civic EG!!
Here is a recent race between Bum Squad Racing's Eagle Talon TSI vs the turbo Civic from Tubaso Racing... Checkout I-Streetrace at : Checkout I-Streetrace on Instagram: @istreetracedotcom

Eagle Talon TSI AWD in the snow Drift
DSM Snow Drift

Snow-Drift? Eagle Talon TSi 2013
Видео с пары выездов 2013 года. Snow-Drift? ручник не работает. Eagle Talon TSi (Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX)