Winter 2012 1g Eagle Talon TSi AWD playing in the snow.

Eagle Talon TSi AWD playing in the snow on bald street tires

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11sec 14b stock turbo 1g Talon Tsi
A stock turbo awd Talon breaking into the 11s! Basic built engine, E85, slicks, and a good old stock 14B turbo....

1G eagle talon tsi sound test

Fun in the snow 2013 2g AWD Eagle Talon DSM
Just trying to clean some snow for the neighborhood school hahah excuse that high pitch sound when the turbo spools, There seems to be a microscopic hole in the Exhaust housing of the turbo. (was previously welded up as it blew a big hole threw it before)

1990 tsi awd snow drift 2
if your wondering why i stalled it on the first turn it was because my window was down and i got a blast of snow to the face