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Turbo Miata sights and sounds.

Here are some basic clips of my finished turbo Miata project. The car is running a Bell Engineering(BEGi) S kit with a SR20DET T25 turbo I provided. I had an Exhaust fabricated locally at Ed Hanson's Muffler Shop which consisted of 3" mandrel bent piping from the cat back into a very large Dynomax muffler. I also fabricated an Intercooler kit with pipes and an Intercooler from CXRacing on eBay. It is tuned on a MegaSquirt 2 as a full stand alone and currently running at 7PSI.


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Turbo Miata at Road America
Chasing Rick Iverson in his BMW. Was a hot and humid day, car was only making 10psi. 1996 turbo Miata 15x10's with 245/580R15 Slicks Bell Engineering S4 Kit GT2871R 300hp at 13psi

1993 Mazda Miata
93 miata with nissan Sr20det motor swap

Turbo Miata 200 whp @ 6psi
Built bottom end, Diy Gt2560r turbo setup w/ front mount Intercooler, HKS super sequential blowoff valve, Custom Intercooler piping, Begi T25 split manifold, FM custom 3'' divorved elbow, FM duel feed fuel rail, 550cc RX-7 injectors, Megasquirt plug n play, Enthuza 3'' Exhaust and custom 3'' downpipe, ACT clutch with fidanza flywheel and a few other goodies, 200whp @ 6psi.......More to come

Thailand SR20DET MX-5
Mazda Miata (MX5) with SR20 installed. Shot in rotfai-park, Bangkok for flushstyle.com. The car comes with fitment and performance. flushstyle.com/​beerlonza Music: Nike on my feet - Mac miller Filmed & Edited by: STYLEaholic film production

MX5Atlanta.com Turbo Miata - 229hp 12PSI Dyno
http://passion.mx5atlanta.com/ Official MX5Atlanta.com turbo Mazda Miata on the Dyno at All Speed. The car finally got some timing in it and a little tuning before the Dyno day. Made some impressive numbers @ 229whp out of a stock 1.6L and a small T25 turbo @ 12psi. Plus some driving on the empty streets of mexico.

MX-5 Suspension upgrade
Earlier this year we put this video together of our MX5 being fitted with all new Pedders eXtreme coil-overs. Originally when took the car to the Wakefield Park, just running the lowered springs we pulled out, the car managed a 1:16.3 with only a basic brake upgrade, intake Exhaust and Advan AD08 tyres. We're happy to say that with the eXtreme coil-overs fitted, we shaved off a whole second and got the car down to a 1:15.1. The amazing part too is that this was with no major adjustments to the suspension given the amount available and as the day progressed we suffered a sticky rear brake caliper which affected braking performance, yet were still able to go just as fast! Big thanks to Adam Gillick from Pedders, as well as the team from Pedders Bankstown, Pedro, Allan and Dimitri. If you're keen on the eXtreme Coil-Overs for your car, then head to the Pedders website which is www.pedders.com.au or www.peddersusa.com if you're in the US to check out how many cars they're available for! Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HoonTV

Drifting at street a Miata mx5 turbo 370bhp
This is me in my turbo miata. The road is fantastic and has amazing grip almost ideal for drifting. Go here for a different cut of the same video plus Incar shooting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ5ZiZjHvXY

1990 Miata Project with BEGi-S Turbo Kit
Recently, we had CarbConn in Kirkland, Wash., install the new BEGi-S turbo kit from Bell Experimental Group. The kit costs less than $2000 nicely equipped. See the Fall 2008 issue of the Magazine for the complete review.

Turbo Miata
Stock 1.6l , FM2 turbo kit @15psi , MEGAsquirt tuned by the Servion tuning , RC550cc injectors and clips, 265whp

How to install a turbocharger.
This video provides key guidelines and outlines critical steps to follow when replacing a Garrett turbocharger.

MX5Atlanta.com Turbo 1.6L Miata - 10psi Street Driving
Car has a base map auto-tune by the MSPNP 3.0 (Mega Squirt Plug N Play ECU) running around 10psi with stock timing. Stock 1.6L T25 turbo @ 10psi External Wastegate FMIC Setup Custom Catless turbo back setup by Enthuza Exhaust - http://enthuzacar.com/ DIYautotune MSPNP 3.0 ECU - http://www.diyautotune.com

New Breed Of Turbo
Never been done before! Find out why for car and turbo enthusiasts this hybrid turbocharger is so different to any other in the world... Well the cute hamster may have something to do with it! Don't forget to Like & Subscribe to be the first to see our next future videos. You don't want to miss out! Website: http://www.hybridturbos.com Shop: http://www.hybridturbos.com/shop/ turbo Upgrades: http://www.hybridturbos.com/services/turbo-upgrades

Turbo Miata and a GTR on High Plains Raceway
From the Sept. 11 2010 day at HPR. I was chasing down a light blue turbo Miata when the GTR caught us both. He then proceeded to overheat, so he slowed and pulled in. It's pretty obvious how much power that car has before he backed off, and the cornering power is nothing to sneer at either. The turbo Miata also shows higher power than the camera car, but he's not as quick in the corners. He's running bigger 225-series R88 tires and a similar suspension, but I don't think the chassis has been as carefully set up yet. The camera car is the Targa Miata - naturally aspirated high compression 2.0 with individual throttles and a redline around 8500. Suspension by AFCO, tires are a set of three-year-old 205/50-15 RA1s. This was only my second or third session on the track and I got faster the next time around. For more information on the car, see http://www.targamiata.com.

1994 Miata Walkaround
walkaround review test drive of my 1994 mazda miata completely stock 1.8 na mx-5 mx5 mx 5 red i filmed this with gopro in utah

Project Miata Part One
Part one of my 1990 Mazda Miata project. Contains a little bit of everything I've done so far. Part two coming soon.

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