Turbo Miata sights and sounds.

Here are some basic clips of my finished turbo Miata project. The car is running a Bell Engineering(BEGi) S kit with a SR20DET T25 turbo I provided. I had an Exhaust fabricated locally at Ed Hanson's Muffler Shop which consisted of 3" mandrel bent piping from the cat back into a very large Dynomax muffler. I also fabricated an Intercooler kit with pipes and an Intercooler from CXRacing on eBay. It is tuned on a MegaSquirt 2 as a full stand alone and currently running at 7PSI.

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Turbo Miata 200 whp @ 6psi
Built bottom end, Diy Gt2560r turbo setup w/ front mount Intercooler, HKS super sequential blowoff valve, Custom Intercooler piping, Begi T25 split manifold, FM custom 3'' divorved elbow, FM duel feed fuel rail, 550cc RX-7 injectors, Megasquirt plug n play, Enthuza 3'' Exhaust and custom 3'' downpipe, ACT clutch with fidanza flywheel and a few other goodies, 200whp @ 6psi.......More to come

Miata 1.6 Ebay Turbo Response
Stock 1.6L Ebay T25/28 Hybrid @ 10psi MS2PnP 190whp@10psi 209whp@12psi

turbo miata 12lbs of boost donuts
turbo miata just chewing the tires before the end of the season :) fully forged/built 1.6L bored over begi s-4, GT2871R, #3 Intercooler, HKS bov, coolant re-route, oil cooler + reroute, 1.8 LSD 4.10's, RC 650cc, ACT stage 3, FM butterfly brace, bumpstops and sways, full 3" magnaflow Exhaust, 8000k HID's, yes a cheap sport bar...sparco seats, momo steering wheel. You can hear how lumpy the cams are at the end of video the car died on me i had to restart it. Enjoy.

Sr20 Miata Burnout