Antique Tractor Parade

Keystone Pioneer Museum Roblin Manitoba Canada

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Starting A Rumely
Here's a video that a friend of mine took while at the Austin Manitoba Agriculture Museum when they broke the world record! A 66 bottom plow was pulled by 5 Rumelys!

Gray Antique Tractor at Rollag Minnesota Threshing Show
Gray tractor at the 2000 Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion held in Rollag, Minnesota.The pre-1920's Gray tractor, built in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is driven by a five foot wide drum!

M3 Grant Tank - Home for my Radial Engine Beltring 2005
This is where my Radial engine ended up... in an Ex Range Wreck M3 Grant Tank. The video shows its first outing at the 2005 War & Peace show down in Kent. "restoration" was by Carl Brown of C+C Military. SEE Video of engine running , on my drive, before it went into the Grant

TD9 Start